Friday, August 3, 2012

Bedroom Makeover...Take Two (or is it three?)

I don't like freaks me out and makes me uncomfortable. However, decorating change? Bring it on! We have lived in our house almost three years and you would think the room we probably spend the most time in would be our favorite? Nope guess again. Our favorite room was our guest room - that we NEVER go in. We have slowly been working on our bedroom and I'm so excited how far we've come! Back in November we put in laminate flooring which made a WORLD of difference in all of our bedrooms so that was sort of step 1. Then we did a bedroom makeover which I should have titled step two of ??? 

Justin and I have been searching for bedroom furniture we liked since we had a bed (no headboard or anything), matching nightstands that we stained ourselves (I'm proud that we did this ourselves AND they lasted 3 years), and the entertainment center that Justin's dad built that was in his living room in College Station. The mismatch never really bugged me but I was starting to want a set that matched because hello I turned 25 this year and shouldn't I have matching furniture?? We have a problem when we look at furniture because A) it's too fancy and SO not us B) we like the most expensive thing in the store C) while I don't like change...we do tend to change our minds on things like this. 

We finally decided on a bedroom set from Ikea. I know people have their opinions about Ikea but you can keep them to yourselves because we LOVE Ikea. Our guest bedroom furniture is from there and I've had since my junior year of 5 years and it's been through 4/5 moves and has held up wonderfully. We also liked the idea of not spending a butt load of money and in 5 years wanting new furniture and feeling guilted into keeping it or super guilty about getting rid of it. So off to Ikea we went! Now luckily for you people I don't have any pictures of the ugly assembly of all of this furniture. That is definitely the negative about Ikea...some ALL assembly required. BUT I must say I am super proud that we can say we built all of this furniture ourselves and together!! While there was some cussing/throwing parts around...we spent quality time together talking and laughing so I really have no complaints.

I almost didn't even do this post because after I loaded the pictures onto the computer I noticed a few things. The pillows on are bed aren't right...So don't get me started on new bedding and what I went through to get the one we have but let me just say Target and I aren't friends right now. Long story short they don't have king shams for this bedding...even though they SAY they do, so these are standard shams and it bugs me but I'm coping. And yes I know I need some decorative pillows blah blah. So the wall the entertainment center used to be on looks SO BARE. I feel like it doesn't look that bad in person but in these pics holy moly does it look boring. I haven't decided what needs to go there yet so I'm not going to jump to buy/hang something just to be done with it. So basically you are going to see Bedroom Makeover take Twenty by the time I'm done with this room...and then we'll probably have to move.

So now that I have given you my life story on our bedroom furniture and decorating are the before/after pics!

Before...aka December


So much junk!
After - much better...except for that horribly bare wall