Thursday, January 4, 2018

36 Weeks | Our Little Papaya | Baby Boy T#2

36 weeks
How far along: 36 weeks
How big is baby? Papaya
Symptoms: Sciatica & tailbone pain after sitting/laying too long in the same position. Swollen hands/feet - my hands HURT when I wake up in the middle of the night - luckily they don’t bother me too much during the day. Braxton hicks, elevated heart rate. Almost no heartburn this week - YAY! He dropped, meaning more frequent bathroom trips
Maternity clothes: Yes - wearing some of my long sleeve shirts in this COLD weather - but also sleeping in shorts/tank top/t-shirt because none of my long sleeve stuff is comfortable at night ha
Sleep: Waking up multiple times per night either on my back - or with asleep/hurting hands - and of course several bathroom trips. Sooo sleep is not my BFF right now but I know it won’t be any better with a newborn.
Miss anything: Being able to bend over, being able to easily put on/tie shoes. Being able to walk short distances without getting winded. Being able to easily pick up Eli (or I guess as easy it is to pick up an almost 40lb toddler)
Movement: I feel like the rolling motions have decreased some in the last week and it’s turned into more jabbing movements - I think he’s running out of room.
Anything making you queasy or sick: No
Have you started to show yet: I guess you could say that
Labor signs: Braxton hicks, some cramps
Belly button in or out: In - almost non-existent
Wedding rings on or off: Off
Mood? Good! Ready to meet this baby!
Looking forward to: Getting our last minute baby prep things done next weekend (pack hospital bag, clean cars, install car seats, build bassinet, etc.)! I’M HAVING A BABY THIS MONTH!!
Best moment of this week: Christmas was SO MUCH FUN with Eli this year! He was so into all things Christmas & I’m so glad we have these sweet memories as our last Christmas as a family of 3. We had a great week of vacation that included a lot of down time since it was so cold/misty all week. We had a fun visit with Lauren & the triplets this weekend. Eli’s life is going to be “boring” for the next few weeks in comparison to this last week...that is until it’s turned upside down when baby brother gets here!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

35 Weeks | Our Little Pineapple | Baby Boy T#2

35 weeks
How far along: 35 weeks
How big is baby? Pineapple
Symptoms: Acid reflux has been on and off this week, pelvic pain, swollen everything - add neck to the list, constant braxton hicks, elevated heart rate
Maternity clothes: Pretty much living in tank tops because that’s all that’s comfortable
Sleep: Meh, Waking up multiple times with hurting/asleep hands, it’s getting pretty challenging to get in and out of bed at night
Miss anything: All the things...being able to bend over, tie my shoes easily, easily get off the couch/out of bed, running...
Movement: Soo much movement, lots of hiccups, rolling movements and some jabs here and there
Anything making you queasy or sick: No
Have you started to show yet:...
Labor signs: More and more braxton hicks, 1cm dialted & 50% effaced (@ 35w5d)
Belly button in or out: In, almost non-existent
Wedding rings on or off: Off
Mood? Most emotional week I’ve had so far but otherwise good!
Looking forward to: Lauren & the triplets visit next weekend!! And also my 36 week appointment to check on baby boy!
Best moment of this week: Eli’s pre-school Christmas party! He actually participated in their songs (didn’t sing too much but actually stood up there so I call it a win!) and looked SO adorable in the outfits Mrs. Leslie made. Experiencing all of these Christmas festivities with E has been SO fun! Everything is so magical to him & he gets SO EXCITED and I love it!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

34 Weeks | Our Little Butternut Squash | Baby Boy T#2

34 Weeks
How far along: 34 weeks
How big is baby? Butternut Squash
Symptoms: I don’t think there’s anything new this week...sciatica pain, tailbone pain, allergies are a bit better (I think the ammox I’m on is helping), have had some pretty bad acid reflux this week, shortness of breath during braxton hicks is getting more intense & annoying, swollen feet & ankles
Maternity clothes: Yep no change here
Sleep: Sleep got a little better throughout the week in regards to allergies. Some nights I only got up once which was a definite improvement from the week before.
Miss anything: Feeling like myself - I hate how hard it is to get up off the floor or out of bed...or to bend over.
Movement: Still lots of movement and a lot of times it’s pretty low. When he gets the hiccups it’s SOO low. It’s hard to describe but we definitely can feel him more pushing near my belly button than Eli - Eli always felt like he was more “inside” and we would feel his kicks and movements. This one I can feel almost all the time by pushing.
Anything making you queasy or sick: No
Have you started to show yet: ...
Labor signs: Just braxton hicks
Belly button in or out: In - it’s seriously about to disappear though
Wedding rings on or off: Off - dang sausage fingers
Mood? Overall good!
Looking forward to: CHRISTMAS! Cannot wait to experience all of our upcoming Christmas festivities with Eli - especially Christmas morning. Can’t believe it’s our last Christmas as a family of three!
Best moment of this week: Finally taking Eli to see Santa. We tried going the Saturday after Thanksgiving & even though we got to Bass Pro before they opened, there was a line around the front of the building. We told Eli that mommy couldn’t stand that long - it would hurt her feet & belly - and trust me...he did not forget! Anytime we mention Santa he reminds me of why we couldn’t wait :( We finally got to take him this week and it was the cutest thing EVER! He went up to him willingly, sat in his lap AND told him what he wanted for Christmas. If you know our child, you know that this is NOT normal haha.

Monday, December 18, 2017

33 Weeks | Our Little Celery | Baby Boy T#2

33 weeks
How far along: 33 weeks
How big is baby? Celery
Symptoms: Sciatica pain, tailbone pain, weird pain after sitting in the recliner or laying down a certain way (he gets on a nerve and makes it near impossible to walk), TERRIBLE allergies, acid reflux, shortness of breath during braxton hicks, some high blood pressure readings, swollen hands, feet & ankles
Maternity clothes: yes, finally got to break into some of my long sleeve clothes. Really wish I had maternity pj pants but figure it’s not worth the $ at this point.
Sleep: A-W-F-U-L. Up every few hours coughing, blowing my nose, just miserable feeling. I can deal with the frequent wake ups to pee but waking up feeling horrible makes it hard to go back to sleep. I have actually been dreading bedtime this week which is NOT like me.
Miss anything: Being able to bend over to pick stuff up while sitting down
Movement: Yes, lots
Anything making you queasy or sick: No
Have you started to show yet: Yeep
Labor signs: Lots of braxton hicks
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding rings on or off: Nope. The thought of putting rings on my swollen fingers makes me cringe
Mood? Day good - night bad
Looking forward to: Our maternity/family pictures this weekend! Hoping E behaves better than last year but now he’s a threenager so who knows!
Best moment of this week: Playing in the SNOW with Eli! At first he was in denial about the snow - arguing with us that it wasn’t snow haha. But after dinner he decided he was ready to get his hat & coat on...and asked to wear flip flops but settled for his “fire boots.” He loved it and wanted to stay out longer but turns out mama’s letter jacket does NOT accommodate this belly and I was freeeezing! The only other time he’s seen snow was at 6 months old in Connecticut so he obviously doesn’t remember that. Also, we decided to start Elf on the shelf last week (I could do a whole post on that) but seeing him excited every morning to find Casper (he named him) is so SO fun! Love seeing his face light up & wondering HOW he got there :)

**Had an appt at 32w5d with a sono to check on baby. Everything looks great with baby! He was measuring 28th percentile (not sure how accurate that is because I can’t imagine having a small baby), he scored an 8 out of 8 & the amniotic fluid looked great. Yay! My blood pressure has been high on my home monitor (and even on the monitor at work) but it was okay it the office. They did blood work and she wants to see me weekly to keep an eye on it.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

32 Weeks | Our Little Squash | Baby Boy T #2

32 weeks
Another weekly picture missed...oopsies!

How far along: 32 weeks How big is baby? Squash Symptoms: Pelvic/tailbone pain (he must have been sitting on a nerve or something the other night because when I got up I could barely walk and was in SO much pain - guess he was mad that I went to OTF AND walked a lot that evening...oops), acid reflux - still going strong, especially when rowing at OTF or doing exercises that I’m not upright for. Swollen hands & feet Maternity clothes: Yup yup yup Sleep: Still okay but wake up with hands/arms asleep which is suuuper annoying for some reason Miss anything: Being able to make it through a 1 hour workout without having to stop to pee twice Movement: Yes, lots. But he can still tell when anyone besides me tries to feel it and usually stops. Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really - just acid reflux makes things unappetizing Have you started to show yet: No...jk :) Labor signs: Just lots of braxton hicks Belly button in or out: In (barely exists) Wedding rings on or off: Off Mood? Happy Looking forward to: Eli has a big sibling class this weekend so that should be fun...or at least interesting! Also doing a make it sweet class with my mom this weekend...last one before baby gets here! Best moment of this week: My amazing Disney baby “sprinkle” thrown by my friend Ashley! Baby T#2 is already so loved by friends & family & we are SO thankful for that!!