Friday, December 17, 2010

New York, New York!

Last Thursday I met my mom in New York City along with my boss, her daughter, a co-worker & her sister. It was a quick trip - we left Sunday but we fit tons in those 2 days and it was so much fun! I forgot my camera on Friday...I was in shopping mode rather than tourist mode. We went to Chinatown, Macy's & the Hard Rock in Times Square for dinner. And let me just note that Saturday it was down right FREEZING...I was convinced I had frost bite on my fingers and toes...I guess I didn't, but whatever it was still cold!

Saturday we had a very busy day...keep in mind we walked to and from all of these places! We were very tired Saturday night!!
Christmas market in Bryant park
Grand Central Station (they also had a Christmas market inside)
Walked down 5th Avenue by all of the fancy shops & Rockefeller Center
Central Park
FAO Schwartz & Apple Store
John's Pizzeria - YUM
Rockefeller Center at night....biggest mistake ever to go there on a Saturday night before x-mas!!
Ended the night @ a brewery near times square

Bryant Park

Yummy looking cupcakes @ Bryant Park!

Soo many Santas around NY that day - it was for real - look it up!

Radio City!

Time Square New Years Eve Ball
Pretty buildings @ Ave of the Americas & 42nd street

St. Peters Cathedral on 5th Avenue - soo pretty inside

New Apple store across from Central Park...the entrance is this glass box!

Pigeons convening outside of Central Park
Huge Menorah - this is for you Rachel!!

Blurry picture of the tree @ Rockefeller Center

Meee and the tree

HUGE Christmas light strand on 6th Ave
Mom & I
  Sunday morning mom and I got up and made our way to Grand Central Station to catch our train to Connecticut. Sadly I don't have any pictures from Connecticut - I didn't even take any pictures of the snow :( Just on my cell phone. We spent Sunday - Wednesday with my grandpa and came home Wednesday night. It was a great trip but I'm glad to be back home and ready for Christmas!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So much to be thankful for!

Hard to believe Thanksgiving has gone by and Christmas is almost here. I got a nice vacation last week, half day Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Wednesday afternoon I had a baking bug and decided to make pumpkin sugar cookies for Thanksgiving go with the cinnamon gelato I made yumm. I used the icing decorator I got for my birthday - I love it!

We had a wonderful feast on Thursday...enough for like 20 people...even though there was only 7 of us!

That night we had the pleasure of watching A&M beat UT :) Hunter, Lexie & Spike all had their A&M t-shirts on...I think that's why they won...duh...Oh and Hunter had his t-shirt on for about 24 hours...he just loves being an Aggie...and staying warm!

my sweet Hunter

Spike obviously thrilled with his shirt

my precious Lexie
 Sunday morning Justin and I put up our outside Christmas lights/decorations. We were out there from 9am to about 3pm and it was so WINDY but we (and by me I mean mostly Justin) got it done!

Christmas decos in the works!

Our cute "little" 6 foot reindeer!

So brave on the peak of the roof!

Our makeshift outside "fenced in" area for the dogs

All done!

So pretty all lit up at night :)
 Tonight we celebrated my mom's birthday! We went to PF Changs for dinner and then came back to our house for presents and dessert. We ended up not having dessert because we had delicious chocolate cake at PF Changs.

Presents & Cupcakes!

Mom's birthday ring from me and Justin!

Birthday princess!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's (almost) Christmas Time!

I know everyone has different opinions of when it's acceptable to start decorating and preparing for Christmas but we couldn't wait any longer. Let's face it...I've had Christmas ringtones for like 2 weeks now...the stores have had Christmas stuff for 2 months...I found the XM holiday station "Holly" yesterday :) so why not decorate?? I love our fall decorations around the house but we were ready to break out our Christmas stuff. Friday night we put up our tree and all of our holiday decorations. Here are some pictures of our house all ready for the holidays!!

My babies!! Can I just say I took this picture with no help from Justin...just treat treats

They love Christmas too!

Finally...Mrs. Trojacek!

So it's been a very busy month since I wrote last!! I'm now Mrs. Trojacek!! (not legally yet) I could write a whole post about the wedding and how perfect the day was but I know that will just get out of hand and I'll go on and on so I'll save that for when I get our pro wedding pics back  :) Here are a few wonderful pictures that my Uncle Jimmy took!

Eeek finally!

Love the pomander balls!

Our first dance

"Only you can love me this way" ~Keith Urban

After the wedding we got to spend 5 nights @ Disneyworld on our was a little stressful Friday night when we were changing our honeymoon from Mexico to Disney at the last minute but everything turned out great! We had so much fun!! It wasn't too crowded so we got to ride our favorite rides over and over again!! Some of our favorite rides: Everest @ Animal Kingdom, Test Track @ Epcot, Thunder Mountain & Space Mountain @ Magic Kingdom, Rockin' Roller Coaster @ Hollywood Studios...notice a trend? Yes we LOVE roller coasters!! But we rode all of our other favorites too!

Us @ Animal Kingdom

Mickey Mouse!

Waiting to go on EVEREST!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where has the time gone??

Ok I'll admit it, I'm a bad blogger. It's been almost a month since my last entry. But in my defense I am GETTING MARRIED in 2 days :) So I'm going to use that as my excuse. I'm going to use this entry to recap the bachelorette party in pictures. If you want an actual recap of the weekend...visit Mansee's blog, I just can't top that recap! And also, I have not had time to get my rebel out in the last couple makes me so sad:( AND I didn't take any pictures during the bachelorette party so these are all stolen from Miss Rachel Barde, once again :)

My bachelorette party was the weekend of October 2nd, we stayed at the Hill Country Hyatt in San Antonio. It was Rachel, Lauren, Mansee, Ashley & Christine and we had a BLAST!

Lingerie shower Friday night!

Saturday morning @ the spa

My bride-to-be outfit!

NBD...we had a hummer limo!! Lauren is the BEST!

Us @ the River Walk - pre-dinner

Howl @ the Moon....Great picture-taking skills Rachel!!
 Once again...thank you girls for an AMAZING weekend!! My next blog posts will have wedding & honeymoon pictures! AHH