Friday, September 26, 2014

36 Weeks...Our Little Romaine Lettuce

Baby T is the size of a head of Romaine Lettuce!

How big is baby? Romaine Lettuce
Symptoms: Shortness of breath is back (but not as bad as before), hot flashes 
Maternity clothes: Yes but my pants/shorts are starting to get a little uncomfortable with the band on my belly
Sleep: Good except for getting up every 2 hours to use the restroom every night
Miss anything: Not really
Movement: Lots of movements – lots of hiccups 
Food cravings: Hmm nothing crazy this week
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Have you started to show yet: Yep
Labor signs: No…well Justin has been on google and thinks I’ve had some (hot flashes, not being tired, higher blood pressure, etc) but no contractions or anything like that
Belly button in or out: It’s sooo shallow but still in
Wedding rings on or off: Off…I can still get them on and off pretty easy and my hands don’t look/feel swollen but I don’t want to risk them getting stuck. I never thought I’d make it 9 months and through the summer with no swelling whatsoever but I made it to fall!
Mood: Good! I can’t wait to meet this baby!
Feeling boy or girl? Girl
Looking forward to: Our maternity pictures (we had to reschedule a few times in the last week due to rain – so weird!)! Justin’s birthday weekend! He’s hoping for a birthday buddy – I’m hoping baby cooks a little longer, although I wouldn’t mind if he/she makes an appearance soon :)
Best moment of this week: Hanging out with Kristin this weekend! We got in some shopping and relaxing…it was nice! Crazy to think next time we see them, baby will be here!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

35 Weeks...Our Little Coconut

Baby T is the size of a Coconut!
How far along: 35 weeks
How big is baby? Coconut 
Symptoms: Pelvis pain (if I overdue it) 
Maternity clothes: Yes…Luckily I am able to work from home most of the week because my cotton shorts/tank tops are the most comfy thing right now
Sleep: Good except for the 3 times I’m up to use the restroom every night
Miss anything: Being able to get in/out of bed easily (or should I say easier because our bed is so high I always have a little bit of a hard time)
Movement: Same as last week – lots of movement and hiccups throughout the day 
Food cravings: Milk, Dr. Pepper (what the heck is going on?!)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Have you started to show yet: Yep
Labor signs: No but we do think the baby has started to drop because I am able to breathe SO much easier now and am visiting the restroom more often
Belly button in or out: It’s sooo shallow but still in
Wedding rings on or off: On
Mood: Great!
Feeling boy or girl? Girl…I think?
Looking forward to: Hanging out with Kristin! They are coming up for Tyler’s bachelor party and Kristin and I are going to hang out while the boys do their thing. Also we start weekly appointments next week – ahhh!
Best moment of this week: We officially hit 35/35…35 weeks pregnant with 35 days left so the countdown is really on now! We had a fun game night with Friends, another win for the Aggies, and a relaxing weekend just the 2 of us…which we know are numbered!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

34 Weeks...Our Little Cantaloupe

Baby T is the size of a Cantaloupe!

How far along: 34 weeks
How big is baby? Cantaloupe 
Symptoms: Shortness of breath, pelvis pain (if I overdo it) 
Maternity clothes: Yes…and some of my shirts are starting to get short…guess it’s a good thing the end is near!
Sleep: Enjoying it while I can!
Miss anything: Same as last week…Being able to breathe normally 24/7, being able to bend over easily & being able to get up from the floor easily
Movement: Yes – lots of movement and hiccups throughout the day 
Food cravings: Milk (I keep forgetting to add this one but I have been wanting a lot of milk the last couple of weeks), Iced mocha coffee (I don’t even like coffee so this one is super weird!!)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Have you started to show yet: Yep
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: Still hanging IN there…see what I did there??
Wedding rings on or off: On
Mood: Great!
Feeling boy or girl? Girl
Looking forward to: Taking our maternity pictures this weekend with our sweet friend Magan!
Best moment of this week: Enjoying a quiet Labor Day at home…We haven’t been home for a 3-day weekend (Memorial/Labor Day) since 2009 so it was a little weird (but nice) having a day off and being home!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Baby T's Nursery

Baby T's nursery has been pretty much done since July - the crowning molding was the finishing touch (because you know...every baby needs crown molding haha)! Closet/dresser organization is an ongoing process but we are pretty much ready for this baby to get here....logistically speaking (although we hope he/she cooks a little longer)! 

I knew I didn't want a "theme" in the nursery because it would be too limiting and I would not be able to branch out with ideas I had. I was also afraid I would get sick of a certain theme (yes, even owls). The first thing we chose was the baby bedding (which my parents got us as a Valentine's that tells you just how long ago we started planning this room! ha). I obviously wanted something neutral since we weren't finding out boy/girl and once I saw the Sumersault Doodle bedding I knew the colors/patterns would be perfect inspiration for the rest of the room! We decided on a grey for the wall I know - we really went out on a limb here ;)

I also knew from the beginning I wanted to do a collage of "E"s above the crib since it will either be little Eli or Emma's room.

We were lucky to find the exact dresser we wanted from a facebook buy/sell group for a fraction of the price and already built - score! I bought the lamp from target because I couldn't pass it up - luckily it worked out well in here!

I found the 2 quote prints on Etsy for above the dresser and knew I wanted 2 more prints. When I came across the multi-colored deer I was instantly sold! The feather print took me a little longer to hunt down. I kept coming across arrows (which I also loved) but I didn't want it to look like the arrows were shooting the deer haha. I found the feather print in black/white and was able to have it custom made with the colors I wanted. Justin helped hang in this configuration and I'm in love!

When we were deciding on a bookcase I knew it had to be pretty big since I have all my childhood books and we wanted to be able to have them out rather than in boxes. We went through them and separated out younger/older books - so yes - we still have {lots} of books in boxes for Baby T when he/she is older! Justin painted the backing of the bookcase aqua and I love how it came out!

This is one of my favorite parts of the room :) I knew I wanted to incorporate a picture of Hunter & Lexie in the room but wasn't sure if Justin would go for it or not. I was literally thinking of how to approach it and Justin suggested getting our announcement picture we took printed on a canvas! I was so excited and love how it hangs over the dogs bed (we wanted them to feel like home in the room). Speaking of it feeling like home - I'm pretty sure they think it's their room and we have added all of this and decorated it for them - they will be very surprised come October! haha

So the closet isn't completely organized yet but we have a pretty good start on itWhoever designs closets to have 2 doors with a wall separator is a moron! This is such a big closet but so awkward to use because of the wall in the middle (the inside of the closet goes all the way through). We've got diapers stacked up to the ceiling by size. We have drawers in the middle space that have misc items (paci's blankets, wipes, toys, etc).  On the other side we have the closet doubler so we can hang all of the tiny clothes! A lot of the items stacked on the shelves (and on the floor) will be opened when baby comes but for now we are storing in here.

 I can't believe that in less than 2 months this room will have an occupant! Not right away since the baby will sleep in our room for a while - but I'm sure I'll take him/her in their room a lot considering even now I like to just go in there and hang out!

Room/Decorating Details

Mirror - Kohls
Deer print - Etsy (TheLionAndTheLark)
Adventure print - Etsy (LaLunaDesigns)
Feather Print - Etsy (MelindaWoodDesigns)
Dream Big Print - Etsy (PaperCanoePrintables)
White Frames - Ikea
Dresser - Ikea
Lamp - Target
Diaper Pail - Ubbi Diaper Pail
Bookcase - Ikea
Lion & Giraffe Prints - Etsy (MonkieBirdie)
Chalkboard Quote Prints - Jane (westwillow on Etsy)
Canvas - Printcopia
Dog bed - Home Goods
Crib - Babies R Us
Bedding - Kohls
Decorative E's - Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Land of Nod, Garden Ridge
Side table - Ikea
Closet dividers - Etsy (DoodlebugPrints)
Closet Doubler - Walmart
Closet Drawers - Ikea
Curtains - Threshold @ Target
Rug - Target
Paint - Behr Paint & Primer Plus - Casual Gray, Home Depot

Friday, September 5, 2014

Boy or Girl?!

People seem to think we are crazy...or the first people ever to not find out the gender of a baby, when they ask if we are having a boy or a girl, it's actually quite comical! Justin and I didn't have the easiest time getting pregnant so during that time we decided we truly didn't care if we had a boy or girl and it would be a fun surprise to wait...and it has been fun! I'm super excited to find out if it's little Eli or Emma that's been hanging out for 8+ months :)

So, since we don't know if Baby T is a he or she I thought it would be fun to put together some old wives tales to see if they predict boy/girl!

So far the majority of the people at my showers have guessed girl, my dad is convinced it's a girl (because of the baking soda test), and old wives tales point to girl! Only time will tell to see what this little person is!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

33 Weeks...Our Little Honeydew

Baby T is the size of a honeydew melon!

How far along: 33 weeks
How big is baby? Honeydew Melon
Symptoms: Shortness of breath, pelvis pain (if I overdo it) & some extra fatigue this week
Maternity clothes: Yup! Although I can still wear some of my pre-pregnancy workout tops (they’re stretchy)!
Sleep: Sleep is still good…It seems like an every other night thing – One night I’m up 1-3 times to use the restroom and the next night it’s 3-5 times…so some nights are better than others but I still wake up rested regardless
Miss anything: Being able to breathe normally 24/7, being able to bend over easily & being able to get up from the floor easily
Movement: Yes – lots of rolling movements this week – and hiccups every day (usually a couple of times per day)
Food cravings: My mom’s homemade mustard pickles (my great grandpa’s recipe)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Have you started to show yet: Yep
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: In but thin!
Wedding rings on or off: On - no swelling here!
Mood: Great! Feeling much better than last week!
Feeling boy or girl? Back to girl this week
Looking forward to: Being done with all of our infant classes! Infant/child CPR and then we are officially ready for this baby to get here (in like 6.5 weeks!)! Rachel’s visit this weekend & watching the first A&M home game of the season! Whoop!
Best moment of this week: Seeing baby T on the ultrasound! He/she is squished in there and weighs approx. 4lb13oz and is in the 65 percentile for growth! The head is measuring at a due date of 9/29 – in the 98th percentile but the doctor doesn’t seemed concerned (or too confident that the measurements are that accurate). Heart rate was in the 150s again and baby has hair!! I was most excited to see if he/she has hair during the ultrasound :) Also, spending a relaxing weekend with Justin and getting to visit Magan & Dustyn at the lake (we were supposed to go with them but broken arms kind of mess things up)! 

Profile of Baby T - with his/her little hand & foot :) 
Poor baby T is alll smushed up against my uterus!
Baby T & I were ready to cheer on the Aggies for the first game vs S. Carolina!
Check out how that belly has changed in the last 3 weeks! It's crazy that Baby T probably won't grow anymore length wise - just chub up before he/she makes their entrance!