Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2nd Anniversary: Fredericksburg, Texas

I can't believe it but Justin and I have been married for 2 years today!! In a way it feels like forever ago but I remember all the details from that perfect day like it was yesterday. I guess since we've been together for 6 years that's why it feels like longer :) Justin and I love to travel and go on a lot of vacations but we rarely ever just RELAX. Last year for our 1st anniversary we went to Travaasa...a beautiful resort on Lake Travis. This year I wanted to do something equally relaxing and neither of us have been to Fredericksburg (I went for the day when I was like 11 but don't remember...shocking I know) so that's where we went! 

We left Austin around 10am and after a Starbucks & gas pit stop we were on our way. The drive was actually really enjoyable...pretty hill country views and jamming out to some music! I had the A&M game feed up on my phone so we followed it until we got to Fredericksburg. We ate lunch at Peach Tree...it was SO good. Thanks for the recommendation friends :)

After lunch we walked up and down Main Street and did lots of Christmas shopping. We really enjoyed the furniture/home furnishing shops drooling over the gorgeous furniture we have no room for...I told Justin when we move we need to come to Fredericksburg with a U-haul because there would be too much furniture we would want!

Super cool wine chiller...we wanted to get it for my mom until we saw it was $250 :(
In the middle of our shopping we stopped at Clear River and shared a Mexican Vanilla ice cream....um can you say delicious??
We stayed at the new Holiday Inn Express...it was SO NICE! Definitely the nicest Holiday Inn Express I've ever seen! Not sure why anyone would need this but we had TWO big screen TVs in our room! haha

Pretty pool with a lazy river and 2 water slides....too bad the pool was FREEZING!
Waterfall, Slide & Spa
After we walked all over downtown we headed over to our hotel and checked in. It was too early to go to dinner so we decided to try the pool/hot tub. I put my foot in the pool and it was COLD...which would explain why there were only 2 people in it...2 crazy little kids! So we went in the HOT tub. It felt good on my sore feet!

After the hot tub we decided it was dinner time so we went back to downtown and had it narrowed down to 3 restaurants. We ended up choosing Silver Creek and oh my, what a good decision! They had live music and the food was amazing! Justin inhaled his chicken fried steak and I had a Santa Fe Steak salad that was so so good. We split a piece of Chocolate Cake for dinner and somehow I also squeezed in a Fredericksburg Peach Margarita...MMM. 

We walked around Main Street after dinner to walk some of that food off. Pretty much all of the stores were closed but we did find an open store that had lots of random "stuff"." They had LOTS of candy - old school stuff and new stuff. We bought my mom a Sky Bar...her favorite candy bar that you can usually only get in New England! After we went back to the hotel and just relaxed.
Only picture of us from the day :)
Sunday morning we were up at 7 of course so we had breakfast at the hotel and got on the road and were home by 10. We are not ones to hang around anywhere on Sundays...we like to get home!

What a great anniversary weekend! We plan to have a low-key dinner at home tonight and try to relax since that rarely happens during the week (and who are we kidding...that rarely happens on the weekends either)! As much as I love little weekend getaways I am SO ready for our next vacation!! Only 5 weeks away!

And one more picture...one of my favorites from our wedding!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Photo-a-Day Part I


Day 1: Where You Stood
In my cubicle

Day 2: Lunchtime
Lexie was my lunchtime buddy while I ate at my desk:)

Day 3: This Happened Today
My mom got Lexa-bug Halloween PJ's and I made her wear them...she was not a happy camper

Day 4: What You Read
Work notes - super exciting, I know

Day 5: Shadow

Elm tree shadow

Day 6: I'm Thankful For...

My little buddy who thinks he fits in cat beds

Day 7: Light
I felt light flying through the air :)

Day 8: Angle

Angle of our new coffee table/storage ottoman...I'm in LOVE

Day 9: Red
One of the only red things I could find in our house haha

Day 10: Emotion
Exhausted after our CrossFit workout

Day 11: Something Close Up
Our fire pit up close...maybe it will get some use this winter!

Day 12: On The Table
Our new fixture on the table...

Day 13: Landscape
We drove to Dallas Saturday for a wedding so this is the closest picture I have to a landscape

Day 14: Makes You Laugh
This guy makes me laugh...constantly

Day 15: Dinnertime
So I forgot to take a picture at dinnertime last night because I was STARVING and my mom made such a delicious dinner...so here's a picture from dinner time on Saturday at Allie & Aaron's wedding...cake - my favorite part!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Lake Travis Zip Line Adventure!

This weekend my dad, his friend Ken, and I went ziplining at Lake Travis Zipline Adventures! We've had the groupon for a while but since my weekends are getting crazy we decided to go sooner rather than later. Who knew when we booked this 2 weeks ago that it would be COLD! There were 5 runs with some hiking in between. We warmed up on the hikes but it was pretty cold soaring through the sky! The first 2 ziplines were 300-400 ft long, the 3rd was 1800 ft, the 4th was 1600 ft and the grand finale was 2600 ft long (from a 20 story cliff above the lake)! We calculated and on the 1800 ft line we were going about 40 MPH...crazy!! On the 2600 ft line you can go up to 60 MPH but the wind was blowing against us so we weren't going quite that fast but it was still SO fun! I would definitely go again...not in the heat of summer because the hiking would be kind of miserable but maybe in a little warmer weather than we had :)

Lake Travis Zipline Adventures
Dad with a little putting action while we waited for our tour
Ken practicing too
One of the little goats running around...so cute!
Pretty view of the lake...or at least what's left of it!
Crazy spring...back up safety feature!
Ken coming in for a landing
Dad coming in for a landing!
Me coming in at the end of the 1800 ft line!
So fun!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Colorado Springs: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo & Air Force Academy

It's hard to believe but my last two posts were from everything we did SATURDAY...we crammed all that into one exhausting (but fun!) day. Sunday we drove by the very first house I lived in, went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and visited the Air Force Academy. 

The first house I lived in!
The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is appropriately named because it is located on the side of Cheyenne Mountain at an elevation of 6,800 feet. This was by far one of my favorite zoos I've ever been too. There's beautiful views and tons of great exhibits. My mom used to come here all the time when she was pregnant with me...not sure how she did it with all the hills going up the mountain! She even pretended to go into labor here a week before my due date when she was here with some friends! We had lots of fun and saw a lot of animals up close! If you ever go to Colorado Springs this is a must visit!

Giraffes up close & personal
Love this guy
Check out that tongue
Pretty habitat
Love the meerkat on the lookout!
Moose! They are so big!
Justin is clearly scared of the bear
I just want a bear hug!
Pacing tiger
These bears were SO fun to watch!
Mr. Peacock
Hahaha I love him
Probably one of my fav pictures of the day...he looks like he's either about to attack or give a speech
Justin & I on the way down
View of Colorado Springs from the Sky Tram
Dad & I went because Mom & Justin chickened out
View of the giraffes on the way down

After the zoo we headed over to the Air Force Academy. The grounds are massive and of course beautiful with the mountains in the background. We made a few of the scenic stops and "hiked" up to the church. We had to wait for a few minutes for it to open but it was totally worth it - it's beautiful inside. Pictures definitely don't do it justice.

Air Force Academy
They were making fun of my parking job but look...there's NO other cars around so it's fine :)

Very neat architecture
Huge organ!!
Really neat stained glass

Some of the dorms
Pretty day
Massive plane!

Finally a jumping picture! I wanted to do this at the top of Pikes Peak but the altitude sickness got me

After the Air Force Academy we drove back up to Denver and spent the night with our old Round Rock neighbors. They live in a super nice and pretty part of Denver so we were able to enjoy the evening and next morning with them. Our flight was at 2pm so it was nice to not have to rush to get home for a change. We crammed a lot into a few days but I'm glad I was finally able to visit where I was born. Justin and I were questioning my parents why they ever left because we loved it there!!

Here are my only Denver pictures taken Monday morning with my iphone...Happy Labor Day :)
Perfect weather for a morning walk in the neighborhood!

Beautiful trees!
They have a tree IN their house!!