Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Photo-a-Day Part I


Day 1: Where You Stood
In my cubicle

Day 2: Lunchtime
Lexie was my lunchtime buddy while I ate at my desk:)

Day 3: This Happened Today
My mom got Lexa-bug Halloween PJ's and I made her wear them...she was not a happy camper

Day 4: What You Read
Work notes - super exciting, I know

Day 5: Shadow

Elm tree shadow

Day 6: I'm Thankful For...

My little buddy who thinks he fits in cat beds

Day 7: Light
I felt light flying through the air :)

Day 8: Angle

Angle of our new coffee table/storage ottoman...I'm in LOVE

Day 9: Red
One of the only red things I could find in our house haha

Day 10: Emotion
Exhausted after our CrossFit workout

Day 11: Something Close Up
Our fire pit up close...maybe it will get some use this winter!

Day 12: On The Table
Our new fixture on the table...

Day 13: Landscape
We drove to Dallas Saturday for a wedding so this is the closest picture I have to a landscape

Day 14: Makes You Laugh
This guy makes me laugh...constantly

Day 15: Dinnertime
So I forgot to take a picture at dinnertime last night because I was STARVING and my mom made such a delicious dinner...so here's a picture from dinner time on Saturday at Allie & Aaron's wedding...cake - my favorite part!