Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Colorado Springs: Balloon Classic

Justin, my parents and I went to Colorado over Labor Day weekend. It was a very quick and BUSY trip but we had so much fun! My mom wanted to take me to Colorado Springs because I was born there 25 years ago and haven't been there since we moved when I was 6 months old - so I obviously don't remember it! Justin and I fell in love with Colorado - beautiful scenery, great weather, and a little bit slower pace than Austin. We pretty much crammed everything to do in CS in a 2 day span.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and went to the Colorado Springs Balloon Classic - a hot air balloon festival! I absolutely loved this! Our old Round Rock neighbors drove up from Denver (they had to get up suuper early) and a supplier my dad works with met us at the festival. It was so neat watching all of the balloons get "blown" up and take off. Once a majority of the balloons had taken off we walked over to the lake nearby because the balloons try to touch the basket to the water. I got tons of great pictures and really enjoyed the cool morning weather with mountains in the background! 

Justin ready to see some balloons fly
so excited!
Sun & balloons rising!
The moon was still out - so pretty
Lots of spectators
I LOVE the colors of this balloon...taking a peek at the inside
Balloon equipment
They're starting to go!
Pretty pretty
We watched this one go from the truck to the sky!

Pretty blue sky
At first we thought the balloon in the back was an acorn...nope it's Smokey the bear
Spirit of Colorado - how appropriate!
So many colors
I love the cowboy balloon with the mountains in the background
Balloon touchdown
Soo many balloons

One of my favs!
Love the balloon reflections!
So much excitement!

There was all kinds of food/vendors at the festival but we headed over to Rudy's BBQ for breakfast. This was a real treat for our Denver friends since the only Rudy's in the state is in CS!

 When we were walking back to the car these guys were landing in the field we were walking by. We stopped to watch them land - it was so neat! They were from the Air-Force Academy.

Breakfast at Rudy's!

Next up...Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, & Pikes Peak