Friday, August 31, 2012

August Photo-a-Day Part II


Day 16: Food
Yummy cold veggie daily staple in my house

Day 17: Faces
HAHA these faces were looking at us when we went to bed...excuse the crazy eyes...I knew if I got closer Lexie would move

Day 18: Inside
Inside my August Birchbox! Not my fav but it's still like x-mas opening it :)

Day 19: Hole new favorite nut...they're a little odd looking

Day 20: Today
My casual work attire today...WFH

Day 21: Cool
Low of 70 and 88 degrees at Texas...that's COOL

Day 22: Home
These A&M Football tickets were waiting for me when I got home!

Day 23: Pair
Pair of new frames in our guest room

Day 24: Path
Our backyard was a jungle before we mowed...I mowed everything but this section because it was so tall the mower kept stopping! - You can see a path I made

Day 25: Fresh
"Fresh"picture of downtown Austin...just go with it!

Day 26: Dream
I had a dream that there was an intense neighborhood cake decorating competition at our park...weird but def not the weirdest dream I've had lately!

Day 27: Tap
Ok so this one really stumped me...a hose bib is kind of like a beer tap right!?

Day 28: Clock
Beautiful clock my Uncle Jimmy made us as a wedding gift

Day 29: Down
Looking "down" at my crazy braided hair

Day 30: Card
Sweet {belated} birthday card from a friend :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August Photo-a-Day Part I


Day 1: Outside
Our cute little maroon & white flamingos in the morning light

Day 2: One
One of my many owls :)

Day 3: Coin
Our excess coins

Day 4: Somewhere You Sat
At my beautiful friend Niki's wedding! 

Day 5: Logo
Petsmart! Somewhere we frequent on the weekends!

Day 6: Writing
Some good old fashion math on notebook paper...sometimes it's better than Excel :)

Day 7: 8 O'clock
Dinner spaghetti squash recipe!

Day 8: Glasses
My favorite pair of glasses ever!

Day 9: Messy
Messy morning hair!

Day 10: Ring
My heart ring...the first piece of jewelry Justin gave me :) I just had it cleaned and it looks new!

Day 11:Purple
New chevron

Day 12: Spoon
All our regular spoons were dirty so I had to use the baby complaints!

Day 13: Simple
Our new Scentsy plug-in for the goes perfectly!

Day 14: Arrow
Arrows on the way to work

Day 15: Ready
My microwave is so tells me to "Enjoy Your Meal" when it's ready!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baseball, Ice Cream, & Wedding!

Justin and I had a busy but super fun weekend. Friday night we went to Aggie Night at the Dell Diamond with my parents and Michael and Christine. The Capitol City A&M Club rents out the air conditioned event suite and this year the pool and it's all you can eat and drink while you watch the Round Rock Express! We went last year and had a BLAST...I must say the guys had more fun than us (too bad the all you can drink is only Even though it's August and it's HOT there was a nice breeze all evening and it was never unbearable. We cut out before the fireworks because Justin wasn't feeling well and needed to rest for our busy Saturday!

Baseball...I actually chatted with Christine the whole time rather than watching the game :)
Us @ the end of the night!

Saturday morning Justin and I went to the Austin Ice Cream Festival. I won VIP tickets on facebook this week so decided we had to go even though we couldn't stay long. I never win anything so I was super excited!! The festival was at Fiesta Gardens this year (on Lady Bird Lake East of 35) since Waterloo Park is closed for 5 years. The festival was a little different than when we went last paid an entry fee (ours was free!) and then you could get all of the samples you wanted inside! I would say this is definitely better than last year! 

VIP wahoo!!
yay for ice cream!
My first sample!
J's first sample!

Here's a list of what we tried!

Amy's Ice Cream - Belgium Chocolate
Cool Haus - Ice Cream Sandwich - Red Velvet Cookie & Salted Caramel Ice Cream
Blue Bell - The Great Divide Ice Cream Bar
Austin Scoops - Caribbean Rum Cake
The Melting Cone - Vanilla Bean

Amy's Ice Cream – Watermelon
Good Pops - Watermelon Agave Popsicle
Cool Haus - Ice Cream Sandwich - Red Velvet Cookie & Salted Caramel Ice Cream
Blue Bell - Sour Green Apple Popsicle
The Melting Cone - Chocolate

Hands down both of our favorite Ice Cream was the Caribbean Rum Cake from Austin Scoops! It was delicious!! Last year my favorite Ice Cream was also from Austin Scoops...Too bad it's 29.7 miles from our house :( I guess we will just have to make a visit for a special occasion...or an adventure!

We couldn't stay long at the Ice Cream Festival because one of my college roommates, Niki, was getting married that afternoon in Buda! It was a beautiful wedding and I am SO excited for her and Bryan, they are perfect for each other!! The ceremony was in a beautiful Catholic church in Buda and the reception was at Texas Old Town in Kyle. I had seen pictures of this venue but it is SO much prettier in person. Beautiful grounds and a really neat place to have a reception. Justin and I got there early and took a couple pictures before the reception started.

Pretty trees!

Pretty stream outside reception hall

Beautiful Bride and Bridesmaid! Love my roomies!

Me & Niki

Sunday we were able to take it easy and run some errands, workout, hang out at the pool with friends, and have a nice quiet dinner. I only have 4 free weekends before Christmas so any relaxing time is wonderful but there should be some fun posts coming up!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Triplet Fun

A few weekends ago (in the middle of all our furniture building) my cousin came to visit from San Antonio with her THREE precious babies. Let me just tell you that Carrie is super mom! She drove 2 hours with three 9 1/2 month olds by herself...just for the day...just to visit family!! We haven't seen the triplets since December when they were teeny tiny...they've grown so much! We got to spend the morning/afternoon playing with them, feeding, and trying to nap. Just watching Carrie run around and take care of them made us tired! We had a great visit and can't wait till they come back to visit or for us to make a trip to see them! Here are some of the pictures I got during play time & feeding time! (I hope I label them all right...I could tell them apart at the time but not it's a little more difficult!). Allie and Kate are identical twins and Abby is the 3rd baby of the triplets...crazyness...and yes they are spontaneous twins/triplets!!

Kate watching Justin waiting for her next bite
Allie taking it all in
Abby was kiiind of a mess at this point
But just wanted more!
Allie was determined to feed herself
Super mom in action!
"Come on mom! More food! We're hungry!"
Hunter LOVED the babies...and especially loved helping clean of their hands!
Kate with her toys...resisting nap time haha
Allie and her cute paci
Abby exploring...LOVE her expression!
Kate investigating...notice her hair is wet after her massive wipe-down from getting messy at lunch
Allie is getting sleepy!
Kate is on the move...and slapping!
Allie & Abby
Abby investigating
Ally & Abby
And now a few iphone pics...

Silly Kate
I think Abby wants my iphone
Happy Kate!
Me & Kate :)

Me & Allie!