Friday, August 31, 2012

August Photo-a-Day Part II


Day 16: Food
Yummy cold veggie daily staple in my house

Day 17: Faces
HAHA these faces were looking at us when we went to bed...excuse the crazy eyes...I knew if I got closer Lexie would move

Day 18: Inside
Inside my August Birchbox! Not my fav but it's still like x-mas opening it :)

Day 19: Hole new favorite nut...they're a little odd looking

Day 20: Today
My casual work attire today...WFH

Day 21: Cool
Low of 70 and 88 degrees at Texas...that's COOL

Day 22: Home
These A&M Football tickets were waiting for me when I got home!

Day 23: Pair
Pair of new frames in our guest room

Day 24: Path
Our backyard was a jungle before we mowed...I mowed everything but this section because it was so tall the mower kept stopping! - You can see a path I made

Day 25: Fresh
"Fresh"picture of downtown Austin...just go with it!

Day 26: Dream
I had a dream that there was an intense neighborhood cake decorating competition at our park...weird but def not the weirdest dream I've had lately!

Day 27: Tap
Ok so this one really stumped me...a hose bib is kind of like a beer tap right!?

Day 28: Clock
Beautiful clock my Uncle Jimmy made us as a wedding gift

Day 29: Down
Looking "down" at my crazy braided hair

Day 30: Card
Sweet {belated} birthday card from a friend :)