Monday, March 26, 2012

Work Baby Shower

Soo many baby showers! I went to one this weekend for one of my neighbors and we have one tomorrow for one of my co-workers. He is having a little boy (his 2nd kid) so we decided to decorate his cube with diapers/wipes/other baby goodies. He will have a surprise when he comes into work tomorrow! I keep being told at work that the next baby shower should be for me...sorry to disappoint guys...not happening - I still like vacationing too much ;) !!

Lots of baby goodies

Baby Bottle Streamer!

Diaper cake Rachel and I made :)

More diapers & wipes

Baby butt paste...etc.

He's SO presh!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Photo-a-Day Part 1

I got my iPhone on March 1st and one of the apps I was most excited about was Instagram (not available on android...yet). I came across a February photo a day post on a friends blog and thought how fun! I was even more delighted when I saw March photo a day because that means I could participate! I've been posting these pics everyday on instagram and twitter but here is Part 1 for March!

#marchphotoaday - Part 1

Day 1: Up
Picture hanging above our linen closet in the bathroom

Day 2: Fruit

Oranges, Lemons & Limes!

 Day 3: Your Neighborhood
A picture of some of the construction going on - new roads!

 Day 4: Bedside
Always have to have my water & chapstick on my nightstand

Day 5: A Smile
Just a little smile in my notebook to get me through the day :) 

Day 6: 5pm
Getting my shoes on to take the dogs for a walk

Day 7: Something You Wore
My k<3j necklace - My FAV necklace :)

Day 8: Window
One of our bedroom windows peeking through (rare occasion)

Day 9: Red
Reading Catching Fire - SO good!

Day 10: Loud
Eli Young Band @ the rodeo!

Day 11: Someone You Talked to Today
I talked to Miss Cami while she was in my lap

Day 12: Fork
My fork & empty plate after devouring my dinner...that's what a 5-mile run will do to you!

Day 13: A Sign
We went to the Oasis for dinner - yum

Day 14: Clouds
Fun concert @ Waterloo Records - lots and lots of clouds today

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oasis on Lake Travis

Last night Justin and I had a Tuesday date night at The Oasis on Lake Travis - aka "the Sunset Capital of Texas." We didn't quite make it until sunset because of daylight savings but we had a great meal with a great view! Here is my first "instagram" post and I'm very excited!!

The Oasis
Pretty view
Justin  & his double burger! Dinner & lunch!
Date night!
So pretty but check out that  huge island!
Spring weather
Love the lights & giraffes!
The Oasis "complex"

Loving lines

Monday, March 12, 2012

Austin Rodeo: Eli Young Band

On Saturday Justin and I went to the Austin Rodeo with our friends Anna & Daniel (who we met through our friends/neighbors Magan & Dustyn). We went to a concert with them about 6 months ago and found out they (Anna) loves Eli Young too! So when I found out Eli was going to be at the Austin rodeo I was delighted that they wanted to join us! Justin and I were trying to count all of the Eli concerts we've been to but lost track - we think it's about's definitely been neat watching them grow in popularity. This was their last concert before heading to Australia where they will be opening for Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - how awesome of a concert would that be?!

We went to Freebirds for dinner before the rodeo since we were afraid it was going to rain and all the food vendors at the rodeo are outside. We were also really worried about parking because I had to park in that area for the color run last month after it had rained for only a day and my car got stuck in the mud and had to be pushed out (thank goodness I had 3 strong girls in the car with me and a very nice man that helped!). I should have taken a picture of our parking spot because we were able to park literally 15 feet from the entrance on pavement! So no getting stuck in the mud this time :) Here are some of the pics from the night...excuse the blurry images...bad lighting ;)

Lots of fried food!

Daniel & Anna

Justin & Me

Shakes & Floats...yumm

Rodeo Austin


Some bucking horses!

Extreme Bull Riding

Eli Young Band!

Crazy we used to go see them play in bars in College Station

Mike Eli

So good!!
We are heading back to the rodeo on Thursday to see The Band Perry!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sour Cream Chocolate Cupcakes

It was my turn to bring dessert for neighbor dinner last night and I wanted to make something new...I'm tired of the same 'ol stuff. I found this recipe in my Betty Crocker recipe box...I saved it there probably over a year ago so I decided it was time to give it a try. They were easy and yummy...just a little time consuming...typical cupcakes. I decided to frost them with a pastry bag since it would take me the same amount of time as spreading on the frosting and they look prettier :) Since this made 36 cupcakes and there's only 6 of us....Justin took the rest to work since there was no way we could consume 6 a piece and luckily they were a hit!

Loved the different color cupcake wrappers

Different Focal Points
Frosting Texture

Ready for consumption!