Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Photo-a-Day Part 1

I got my iPhone on March 1st and one of the apps I was most excited about was Instagram (not available on android...yet). I came across a February photo a day post on a friends blog and thought how fun! I was even more delighted when I saw March photo a day because that means I could participate! I've been posting these pics everyday on instagram and twitter but here is Part 1 for March!

#marchphotoaday - Part 1

Day 1: Up
Picture hanging above our linen closet in the bathroom

Day 2: Fruit

Oranges, Lemons & Limes!

 Day 3: Your Neighborhood
A picture of some of the construction going on - new roads!

 Day 4: Bedside
Always have to have my water & chapstick on my nightstand

Day 5: A Smile
Just a little smile in my notebook to get me through the day :) 

Day 6: 5pm
Getting my shoes on to take the dogs for a walk

Day 7: Something You Wore
My k<3j necklace - My FAV necklace :)

Day 8: Window
One of our bedroom windows peeking through (rare occasion)

Day 9: Red
Reading Catching Fire - SO good!

Day 10: Loud
Eli Young Band @ the rodeo!

Day 11: Someone You Talked to Today
I talked to Miss Cami while she was in my lap

Day 12: Fork
My fork & empty plate after devouring my dinner...that's what a 5-mile run will do to you!

Day 13: A Sign
We went to the Oasis for dinner - yum

Day 14: Clouds
Fun concert @ Waterloo Records - lots and lots of clouds today