Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vintage Park

So this weekend I took a trip to Houston to visit LeeAnn, Rachel & Lauren. LeeAnn took me to this super neat place called Vintage Park in Tomball so we could practice with our cameras. It made me so excited thinking about doing this in Europe in FOUR months! Here are some of my favorite shots.

Cool handles on a door
Another neat door
Perspective one
Perspective two

Pretty mosaic

Water in slow-mo

The center of this flower is beautiful!

Love the color

Getting creative!
I look like a ghost - I love it!

LeeAnn checking out her pics

More to come with the rest of the weekend :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Babies & Presents & Food!

This past weekend my mom and I went to College Station for Rachel's baby shower. We had a Cotton Bowl watching party at Sandie's on Friday night. Luckily we had good food since the Ags didn't do so well. I didn't take any pictures but we had Southwest egg rolls from Chili's, chicken wings from Wings-N-More, Mexican Spaghetti, taco dip, Whoopie Pies & banana pudding! Oh and when Lauren got there we had some delicious homeade kolaches! And of course there was wine!! I would much rather be at a football party with all this wonderful food than be at the cowboys stadium getting ripped off for everything!! It made the (losing) game much more enjoyable!

Saturday morning Lauren and I took Rachel out while the girls were setting up for the party. It was such a wonderful shower and I think Rachel had a really good time. Let me just say that Audrey is already beyond spoiled and is going to be the best dressed baby around!

Yummy fruit tray & dip

Cute & yummy cake!

Wonderful punch

Great sandwiches
Adorable decorations!

So many presents!

more presents!

Audrey's first pair of baby jeans!

Her diva outfit!

The owl onesie - I just had to!
  Rachel's baby shower was so much fun! I hope she enjoys the rest of her pregnancy because Audrey will be here before we know it!!

Tasty Little Dessert

So for Christmas my mom got me this serving tray with soup spoons to use as a serving piece...what a fun idea!! I wanted to use it to make dessert for our neighbor dinner but wasn't sure what I was going to make to put in it. Mansee brought over some FABULOUS brownies on New Years so I decided to try those...well turns out they aren't as good when you cook them in mini muffin pans...but they were still tasty! I thought the presentation was too cute :)

So cute!

Topped with some cool whip & a swirl chocolate chip!

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Ok well it was the most wonderful time of the year when all of these pictures were taken. Now we're 10 days into the new year! I had the week before Christmas off and thought I would just get to rest and bake - nah who was I kidding??

The Saturday before Christmas we had the Hotschedules Christmas party at a place called the US Art Authority (not at all what I expected!)

Me & Justin

Michael & Christine

It was a Hollywood theme - Justin is famous!
 I gave my dad an early Christmas present on Monday - him and I went zip lining in Wimberly. It was SO much fun.

Wimberly Zipline!

He's got his gear on!

I'm ready to go!
Beautiful view of the Hill Country

Dad coming in for a landing!
 Tuesday I went to College Station with my mom to visit Rachel & Sandie. We stopped at the tent sale first and then went to Madden's for lunch. It was delicious as usual and so great to catch up with Sandie & Rachel. We brought home Cafe Capri for dinner, so we were heroes!

Friday we headed to Schulenburg after Justin got out of work. We had a great Christmas Eve and opened presents with his family. On Christmas day we went over to his Aunt Barbara's and had Christmas with her family. Sunday we came home and had Christmas with each other & my parents. Can't really complain about having 3 Christmas' in one weekend!

Justin's family

The whole family!

Me, Justin, Kristin & Tyler

The WHOLE family! Doggies included :)

Present time!

Our awesome picture frame from Tyler & Kristin

First Christmas as husband & wife!

Happy Family :)
 2010 was a great year and I know 2011 is going to be just as amazing...although the year of our wedding will be extremely hard to beat!!