Monday, January 10, 2011

Babies & Presents & Food!

This past weekend my mom and I went to College Station for Rachel's baby shower. We had a Cotton Bowl watching party at Sandie's on Friday night. Luckily we had good food since the Ags didn't do so well. I didn't take any pictures but we had Southwest egg rolls from Chili's, chicken wings from Wings-N-More, Mexican Spaghetti, taco dip, Whoopie Pies & banana pudding! Oh and when Lauren got there we had some delicious homeade kolaches! And of course there was wine!! I would much rather be at a football party with all this wonderful food than be at the cowboys stadium getting ripped off for everything!! It made the (losing) game much more enjoyable!

Saturday morning Lauren and I took Rachel out while the girls were setting up for the party. It was such a wonderful shower and I think Rachel had a really good time. Let me just say that Audrey is already beyond spoiled and is going to be the best dressed baby around!

Yummy fruit tray & dip

Cute & yummy cake!

Wonderful punch

Great sandwiches
Adorable decorations!

So many presents!

more presents!

Audrey's first pair of baby jeans!

Her diva outfit!

The owl onesie - I just had to!
  Rachel's baby shower was so much fun! I hope she enjoys the rest of her pregnancy because Audrey will be here before we know it!!