Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where has the time gone??

Ok I'll admit it, I'm a bad blogger. It's been almost a month since my last entry. But in my defense I am GETTING MARRIED in 2 days :) So I'm going to use that as my excuse. I'm going to use this entry to recap the bachelorette party in pictures. If you want an actual recap of the weekend...visit Mansee's blog, I just can't top that recap! And also, I have not had time to get my rebel out in the last couple makes me so sad:( AND I didn't take any pictures during the bachelorette party so these are all stolen from Miss Rachel Barde, once again :)

My bachelorette party was the weekend of October 2nd, we stayed at the Hill Country Hyatt in San Antonio. It was Rachel, Lauren, Mansee, Ashley & Christine and we had a BLAST!

Lingerie shower Friday night!

Saturday morning @ the spa

My bride-to-be outfit!

NBD...we had a hummer limo!! Lauren is the BEST!

Us @ the River Walk - pre-dinner

Howl @ the Moon....Great picture-taking skills Rachel!!
 Once again...thank you girls for an AMAZING weekend!! My next blog posts will have wedding & honeymoon pictures! AHH