Monday, March 7, 2011

UT, A wedding & Baby Audrey!

What a wonderful weekend! Started out Saturday morning with our photography field trip on the UT campus. Kristin and I got caught in the pouring rain on our way to the meeting place...only to have the teacher not show up! Frustrating! On our way back to the car we stopped to photograph these interesting trees outside the Blanton Museum of Art...they're tree stockings! Has something to do with that lady that does knit graffiti. I thought it looked very Dr. Seuss-ish! There are 99 trees with these socks on them!

Beautiful crepe myrtle outside of the library
 Saturday night we went to one of Justin's really good friends from high schools wedding. It was out near Blanco in the hill country and it was beautiful! I don't have those picutres with me but I can add them later:)

Sunday we got up and made the drive to College Station to see baby Audrey. Justin and I realized we hadn't been to College Station together basically since we graduated - crazy! So we spent the day enjoying time with Sandie, Neil, Rachel, Cliff, Grandma, and of course baby Audrey. Audrey was born on Wednesday March 2nd! We also got to go see the progress on Rachel and Cliff's new house - can't wait to see it when it's done - it's going to be beautiful! Here are some of the baby pictures I took - a lot of them came out blurry becaues I didn't want the flash going off in her face.

Adorable Stork in the front yard

Audrey Sophia :)

Her precious little hands & long fingers!

Isn't she beautiful!?

So precious!

Her tiny feet & long toes!

A little sun-bather already!
  The next couple of pictures are a little blury but I had to add them. Sandie has 2 dogs and her big dog Cassie was quite interested in Audrey. Pretty much all day she walked around and tried to either stick her nose into the bassonet or sit by whoever was holding Audrey. She even gave Audrey a few kisses on her head - so sweet!

Cassie & Baxter are concerned with the crying!

Puppy kisses from Cassie

Just keeping tabs on Audrey!