Monday, March 12, 2012

Austin Rodeo: Eli Young Band

On Saturday Justin and I went to the Austin Rodeo with our friends Anna & Daniel (who we met through our friends/neighbors Magan & Dustyn). We went to a concert with them about 6 months ago and found out they (Anna) loves Eli Young too! So when I found out Eli was going to be at the Austin rodeo I was delighted that they wanted to join us! Justin and I were trying to count all of the Eli concerts we've been to but lost track - we think it's about's definitely been neat watching them grow in popularity. This was their last concert before heading to Australia where they will be opening for Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - how awesome of a concert would that be?!

We went to Freebirds for dinner before the rodeo since we were afraid it was going to rain and all the food vendors at the rodeo are outside. We were also really worried about parking because I had to park in that area for the color run last month after it had rained for only a day and my car got stuck in the mud and had to be pushed out (thank goodness I had 3 strong girls in the car with me and a very nice man that helped!). I should have taken a picture of our parking spot because we were able to park literally 15 feet from the entrance on pavement! So no getting stuck in the mud this time :) Here are some of the pics from the night...excuse the blurry images...bad lighting ;)

Lots of fried food!

Daniel & Anna

Justin & Me

Shakes & Floats...yumm

Rodeo Austin


Some bucking horses!

Extreme Bull Riding

Eli Young Band!

Crazy we used to go see them play in bars in College Station

Mike Eli

So good!!
We are heading back to the rodeo on Thursday to see The Band Perry!