Monday, August 6, 2012

Triplet Fun

A few weekends ago (in the middle of all our furniture building) my cousin came to visit from San Antonio with her THREE precious babies. Let me just tell you that Carrie is super mom! She drove 2 hours with three 9 1/2 month olds by herself...just for the day...just to visit family!! We haven't seen the triplets since December when they were teeny tiny...they've grown so much! We got to spend the morning/afternoon playing with them, feeding, and trying to nap. Just watching Carrie run around and take care of them made us tired! We had a great visit and can't wait till they come back to visit or for us to make a trip to see them! Here are some of the pictures I got during play time & feeding time! (I hope I label them all right...I could tell them apart at the time but not it's a little more difficult!). Allie and Kate are identical twins and Abby is the 3rd baby of the triplets...crazyness...and yes they are spontaneous twins/triplets!!

Kate watching Justin waiting for her next bite
Allie taking it all in
Abby was kiiind of a mess at this point
But just wanted more!
Allie was determined to feed herself
Super mom in action!
"Come on mom! More food! We're hungry!"
Hunter LOVED the babies...and especially loved helping clean of their hands!
Kate with her toys...resisting nap time haha
Allie and her cute paci
Abby exploring...LOVE her expression!
Kate investigating...notice her hair is wet after her massive wipe-down from getting messy at lunch
Allie is getting sleepy!
Kate is on the move...and slapping!
Allie & Abby
Abby investigating
Ally & Abby
And now a few iphone pics...

Silly Kate
I think Abby wants my iphone
Happy Kate!
Me & Kate :)

Me & Allie!