Monday, October 1, 2012

September Photo-a-Day Part II


Day 16: Strange
Our strange tree...luckily it's not dying...the ties were just too tight!

Day 17: In My Fridge
My new FAV milk!

Day 18: Price
A little project I'm working on

Day 19: Underneath
Underneath our outdoor fan...I think it's too pretty to be outside!

Day 20: Man-Made
My "man-made" cupcakes! I decorated them at a baking class :)

Day 21: Sometimes

Sometimes I go to work on Fridays

Day 22: Up
Flyover @ the A&M vs. S Carolina ST Game

Day 23: Before Bedtime
Pre-bedtime Ipad & tv watching

Day 24: 3 Things
3 of my favorite things in our guest room

Day 25: Frame
New chalkboard frame I made!

Day 26: Near

My new boots are near (in the mail!)

Day 27: Love/Hate
LOVE getting my hair done....HATE waiting to see how it turns out!

Day 28: A Good Thing

Justin's homemade birthday cake - carrot cake - YUM

Day 29: Errand
No errands today because it's the hubby's b-day! This is us before Rock of Ages!!

Day 30: You, Then
Me and Gee - a long time ago :) Look at that blonde hair & bangs!