Monday, October 8, 2012

Lake Travis Zip Line Adventure!

This weekend my dad, his friend Ken, and I went ziplining at Lake Travis Zipline Adventures! We've had the groupon for a while but since my weekends are getting crazy we decided to go sooner rather than later. Who knew when we booked this 2 weeks ago that it would be COLD! There were 5 runs with some hiking in between. We warmed up on the hikes but it was pretty cold soaring through the sky! The first 2 ziplines were 300-400 ft long, the 3rd was 1800 ft, the 4th was 1600 ft and the grand finale was 2600 ft long (from a 20 story cliff above the lake)! We calculated and on the 1800 ft line we were going about 40 MPH...crazy!! On the 2600 ft line you can go up to 60 MPH but the wind was blowing against us so we weren't going quite that fast but it was still SO fun! I would definitely go again...not in the heat of summer because the hiking would be kind of miserable but maybe in a little warmer weather than we had :)

Lake Travis Zipline Adventures
Dad with a little putting action while we waited for our tour
Ken practicing too
One of the little goats running cute!
Pretty view of the lake...or at least what's left of it!
Crazy spring...back up safety feature!
Ken coming in for a landing
Dad coming in for a landing!
Me coming in at the end of the 1800 ft line!
So fun!