Monday, December 5, 2011

Travaasa - Our First Anniversary

I'm going to back track a little bit. I have a few posts coming that I'm really excited about but first I wanted to share about our First Anniversary. Justin and I went to a resort - Travaasa out by Lake Travis for our Anniversary. It is such a beautiful resort and I never even knew it existed! We got a great Travel Zoo deal on our stay. It included breakfast, dinner, wine tasting, and all activities - such as ropes course, yoga, cooking classes, equine exercises, hiking, and so many more. Unfortunately since we were only there for one night we didn't get to take advantage of any activities except for the wine tasting, but hey - at least we got to enjoy that! When we got home on Saturday we watched the A&M game (aka napped through it) and then went out for dinner for my Dad's birthday. My mom got us a gorgeous (and yummy!) anniversary/birthday cake to celebrate with. My Dad's birthday is on October 21st and our Anniversary is on October 23rd...I think it's neat that every year we will get to celebrate these two special occasions together :) Here are some pictures from our little getaway weekend!

Our beautiful hill country view out off our balcony

Infinity pool overlooking the lake (or lack of) and hill country

The only picture of us from our stay - too bad it was soo sunny!

Sunset at dinner

Our 3 desserts - the waitress couldn't remember which 2 we ordered so she brought us all 3! - Delish!

Our room was in the building in the middle

Our Anniversary/Dad's Birthday Cake
Happy 1 year!!

It was a great first anniversary and I can't wait to celebrate 2 years next year! I think we will make it a tradition of doing something special each year because we are so busy - especially at this time of's important to take some time away and relax!