Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bedroom Makeover

After we redid our floors we decided our bedroom needed a little bit of a makeover. We pianted it the same Pebble Grey color that's in our hallway. Justin was sweet enough to paint the WHOLE room by himself! He knows that if I were to help there would be paint everywhereee. When we painted the walls we had to take down our quote sticker about the bed - which has been crooked since the day I put it on so I wasn't really sad about taking it down.

I had a vision in mind inspired by a pinterest post - shocking I know! I had picked up pieces here and there that I liked but with all of the traveling I did last month I never had a chance to figure out exactly what I wanted. I liked all the pieces but wasn't in love with how it was coming together. This past weekend we went to this new cute little shop in Schulenburg and found a mantle and fell in LOVE with it! I didn't know I was looking for a mantle until I found it...but the wall turned out PERF and I couldn't be any happier with it...I've been walking into our room and just staring at the wall :) So here are some before and after shots!


Before (with our summer comforter)

Crooked sticker...ughh


My 2 helpers

 I'm really excited about having a mantle in our house - even if it is in our bedroom. It will be so easy to change the look of our bedroom just by changing up the mantle...much easier than a complete overhaul everytime I want to change something. I have a feeling I won't be changing it anytime soon though :)