Tuesday, December 6, 2011

San Diego Has My Heart

Okay so maybe all of California has my heart - I LOVE California. When we had the opportunity to take a trip with our neighbors - Michael and Christine - we jumped on it! We left on Thursday night and came back Sunday. It was a quick trip but we had a blast. Here is our trip itinerary in a nutshell:

San Diego Zoo
Coronado Island
Gaslamp District
Point Loma Lighthouse
In-N-Out Burger
La Jolla
Birch Aquarium
Trip to the Movies

The last 2 items on the list were unexpected due to the heavy downpour that occurred all day on Saturday - in San Diego - where it rains like 3 times a year or something like that. Maybe that's an exaggeration but still - they rarely get rain and they got a torrential downpour when we're there! But now worries - we made the best of it and still had fun! If you would like a more detailed explanation of our trip - take a visit to Christine's Blog. She did a great job of recapping our trip - with lots of facts I will never remember! Here are some of my pictures :)

Michael & Christine at ABIA waiting to go!

Us at ABIA ready to go to CA!

Sky Tram @ San Diego Zoo

Baby (2 yrs old) panda!

Tigers! (the one on the left is a baby)

Galapagos Turtles that loooved their heads scratched

Our "excited" faces for the Sky Tram - or Justin's - "do I really have to do this?" face

so fun! Michael & Christine are in # 28

Wouldn't want to run into this guy in the wild

Giraffes! Love them!

The boys

The girls

View of the peer from the ferry to Coronado Island

Downtown San Diego

Carrier Classic Basketball Game

Old Point Loma Lighthouse

Getting rained on at the Birch Aquarium

La Jolla Cove - see the Sea Lions at the bottom??
La Jolla

Rushing water on the way back to the car that we all got soaked by!
 It was a great trip and I can't wait until our next weekend getaway!!