Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Walking on Sunshine...Uh I mean Laminate

Last month Justin and I made the decision to remove all of the carpet in our house and replace it with laminate floors (faux wood). Hardwood is too expensive - and not dog friendly, and the carpet was holding so much dust/dog hair we thought it would be best for my allergies - and for looks to go with the laminate. The kitchen, dining room, hallways, enteryway, living room, bathrooms, and laudry room are all tiled so we added the laminate in our bedrooms and our master closet. I am definitely glad we decided to do this now rather than wait a couple years because it looks amazing and now we get to enjoy it for years to come!! (hopefully with less allergies too). So I took some before pictures that morning, some during pictures of what the house looked like with all of our stuff crammed into the living room, dining room, and guest bathroom - and some after pics.


Our bedroom before

Another before shot

Middle bedroom before

another before

Front bedroom before

another before


Our living room slash temporary closet

Our dining room slash storage area

Can you say hoarders?! the bathtub is full!

more least it's colorful?
Of course I had to take one of my sweet Hunter
And Lexie had to follow me around the house while I took pics


Our bedroom after! excuse the mess - this was literally right after

Another after view
The office/guest bedroom after...yes I know I need to fix our diplomas - it's on my list
More office after

Front bedroom after

More front bedroom after
 It's funny...we've only had these new floors for a month but after going through these pictures and looking at the carpet - I can't imagine ever having the carpet! I was a little skeptical about not having a "soft" or "warm" floor but I have no regrets - I love it!

Coming soon to the blog....San Diego, Winter Wreath & Bedroom makeover!