Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chimpsy Take Two

So you might remember a couple months back LeeAnn and I took a photography field trip class with a company called Chimpsy. We had tons of fun in our DSLR I class so when another groupon came along I decided to try DSLR II. Unfortunately the class went to the same locations but it was a new chanllenge because rather than shooting in AV/TV mode we shot in manual. It was definetly good practice for me because I tend to shy away from that M button on my dial. Here are some un-edited shots from Saturday. Also - wanted to note it was no where near as fun without LeeAnn there!

Signature railroad shot - not my fav but it will do

Panning shot

There were these fun smart cars all lined up - perfect photo op!

So Cute

You know me and my love for love balls?

the chair cracked me up

mmm ice cream!

What a fun pumpkin!

Love love love the color of the sky