Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Festive House

So I have been meaning to post this since we decorated the house for fall the second weekend in Sepetmber...oh you know - like 2 months ago? We've just been so busy the last couple weeks I never got around to taking pictures of our fall decorations until yesterday. I wanted to make sure I got pictures before we took these down and put the Christmas decorations up! Less than a month people!

Some of our leaf garland that's all around the living/dining room

Love the fall colors on the black/brown hutch

Pumpkin with my owl oil warmer hiding behind :)

My owl BBW candle holder!!

Shelves - notice the Owl candle holder - a gift from the lovely LeeAnn Reid!

Other shelves

Leaves & pumpkins :)

Getting into the football/halloween spirit

more pumpkins

Candy corn centerpiece - thank you pinterest!

yumm - a candy dish/centerpiece!

Just had to throw in our Owl Jack-O-Lantern we carved last weekend!
 These are just some of our fall festive house decroations! Happy Fall Everyone!!