Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So much to be thankful for!

Hard to believe Thanksgiving has gone by and Christmas is almost here. I got a nice vacation last week, half day Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Wednesday afternoon I had a baking bug and decided to make pumpkin sugar cookies for Thanksgiving dessert...to go with the cinnamon gelato I made yumm. I used the icing decorator I got for my birthday - I love it!

We had a wonderful feast on Thursday...enough for like 20 people...even though there was only 7 of us!

That night we had the pleasure of watching A&M beat UT :) Hunter, Lexie & Spike all had their A&M t-shirts on...I think that's why they won...duh...Oh and Hunter had his t-shirt on for about 24 hours...he just loves being an Aggie...and staying warm!

my sweet Hunter

Spike obviously thrilled with his shirt

my precious Lexie
 Sunday morning Justin and I put up our outside Christmas lights/decorations. We were out there from 9am to about 3pm and it was so WINDY but we (and by me I mean mostly Justin) got it done!

Christmas decos in the works!

Our cute "little" 6 foot reindeer!

So brave on the peak of the roof!

Our makeshift outside "fenced in" area for the dogs

All done!

So pretty all lit up at night :)
 Tonight we celebrated my mom's birthday! We went to PF Changs for dinner and then came back to our house for presents and dessert. We ended up not having dessert because we had delicious chocolate cake at PF Changs.

Presents & Cupcakes!

Mom's birthday ring from me and Justin!

Birthday princess!