Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Photo-a-Day Part II


Day 16: Sign
NO Soliciting (Unless you're a kid) - Too bad this sign doesn't work!

Day 17: Your Addiction
Hair products (that almost never work in my hair)

Day 18: Plate
Okay so this obviously isn't a plate - but it's my breakfast "plate"

Day 19: Animal/Insect/Pet
My precious little Lexie all cuddled up

Day 20: Eyes
My eye - it's hard to take a self eye pic...FYI

Day 21: 9'oclock
Jamba Juice on our way to Ikea! Oh Yeah!

Day 22: Upside Down
Hunterbear eating his homemade popsicle...so he wasn't upside down but the pic is:)

Day 23: Mirror
LOTS of mirrors @ Hobby Lobby

Day 24: A Stranger
Okay so Miss Audrey is obviously not a stranger but I haven't seen her in SO long!

Day 25: Heart
Just some of my Heart necklaces...can you tell I'm obsessed with hearts??

Day 26: Sunshine
Beautiful sunset in Pville!

Day 27: On the Road
Austin skyline flying by...or I guess I'm flying by the skyline

Day 28: Cup
My bubba-keg...perfect for staying hydrated at work/pool/home...anywhere...love it!

Day 29: Last Thing You Bought
Dinner/drinks @ Max's Wine Dive...DELISH!

Day 30: Calm
My "calm" place to watch tv at night :)

Day 31: Toothbrush
I <3 my Sonicare toothbrush with the attached sanitizer...another obsession haha