Monday, July 16, 2012

July Photo-a-Day Part I


Day 1: Self Portrait
Self portrait @ Painting with a Twist class!

Day 2: Busy
Busy packing for our trip!

Day 3: Best Part of Your Day
Shutting down my computer for 5 whole days for vacation :)

Day 4: Fun
What could be more fun than beach time in Mexico??

Day 5: On the floor
Our tile floor in our room...and the snake our pet-sitter found at home - EW

Day 6: Chair
Okay so this chair may or may not have kicked Ryan's butt...he had injuries to prove it

Day 7: Garden
Garden view from our balcony

Day 8: Lunch
No picture of lunch today since we were en route home :( But here is where we ate many of our breakfasts/lunches while in Mexico!

Day 9: Big
BIG pile of laundry - 2 weeks worth plus vacation clothes...eeek

Day 10: Your Favorite Color

Day 11: Letter
T is for Trojacek :)

Day 12: Texture

Day 13: Open
A rarity in this blinds!

Day 14: Building
Work on a!

Day 15: Finger
I forgot my middle finger ring today...oops