Monday, July 2, 2012

June Photo-a-Day Part II


Day 16: Out and About
Pretty sky today!

Day 17: In Your Bag
My new wallet in my new purse :)

Day 18: Something We Don't Know About You
Justin and I are OBSESSED with smells...candles, scentsy, bbw name it - we like it!

Day 19: Imperfect
Wedding pictures=Perfect...My picture hanging ability=Imperfect

Day 20: Fav Photo You've Ever Taken
Honestly I don't have a single fav photo - I have lots so I chose some of my most recent favs!

Day 21: Where You Slept
My bed...duh

Day 22: From a High Angle
Pride of Barbados - this time from up high

Day 23: Movement
Hunter & Lexie with a little morning playing action

Day 24: On Your Mind
Snacks (any food but fruit/veggies) are on my mind

Day 25: Something Cute
Can the brotherly/sisterly love get any cuter??

Day 26: Where You Shop
Gotta love Amazon

Day 27: Bathroom
Bathroom counter getting ready for work in the am

Day 28: On the Shelf
Hair tools & vitamins!

Day 29: Soft
One of my favorite purple dog blanket :)

Day 30: Friend
BFFs @ Painting with a Twist