Friday, July 20, 2012

Canvas Pinterest Project

Our guest bedroom is still incomplete and we've lived here almost 3 years (crazy!). Recently I got a new bedspread and I feel like the room is almost complete...yay! There are still some blank walls in this room (if you've seen the rest of our house you know how odd this is) and I've been itching to fill these spaces. This is our "travel room" where I have a lot of vacation pictures hanging up. Last weekend my friend Magan were hanging out and decided it was time for an impromptu Pinterest project so we headed over to hobby lobby and stocked up on supplies! Magan had pinned these fun quote canvases so we decided to give them a shot. I decided it would be perfect to do a travel quote and put in our travel room :)

First I cut the scrapbook paper and the mod-podged the paper onto the canvas. This was more difficult than I anticipated because there ended up being some bumps I couldn't get out. After the mod podge was dry I put my vinyl letters on...luckily you can move these if you don't get them in the right place!

 Next it was time to paint the canvas. I used acrylic paint - it was actually meant for patio furniture but I picked it because of the color. I ended up using almost the whole bottle and couldn't cover the chevron stripes completely but I think it's okay!

I let it dry overnight and then peeled off the letters and I must say it turned out better than I anticipated!!

Here's the finished product!

It goes perfectly with the bedspread!! I will post a complete room picture/tour once this room is done!

Magan - Can't wait for our next Pinterest project!