Monday, December 3, 2012

New York City | Sunday

Sunday Morning we got up bright and early (again) and packed up our stuff because we were staying the night downtown (so on Monday we didn't have to go back & forth  from Newark). We were able to check in at our hotel at 9:30AM...that was a pleasant surprise! Even better was the view of Times Square we had! The icing on the cake...the WARM oatmeal chocolate chip cookies we were given!
86th Street - Jackson Heights
Uncle Bob's Apartment
The view from our hotel!
Mmmm we each got a warm cookie at check in!
After dropping our stuff off at the hotel and grabbing a quick breakfast we headed to the Central Park Zoo. It was a fun little zoo. Only took us about 45 minutes to go through everything but I loved all the animals we saw and it was crowded at all!

Sea lion exhibit
The sea lions were chasing each other & putting on a show
I love that the zoo was so quiet but the bustling city was right outside its walls
It seems that just about everywhere has a view!

Funny looking tree! 
Pretty - headed duck
The pigeons were trying to get to the duck's food and it was quite comical!

These ducks were SO funny - they were chasing each other and getting so puffed up! I only caught a clip of it but they entertained us for like 20 minutes
The polar bear was resting!

The snow leopard was on the move! 
Pretty foliage everywhere
Even underwater 
Pretty bird
Red panda...I want to hug him!!
SO cute!
This bird was cracking me up...he didn't care how close people got to him because the zoo keeper kept tossing him his favorite worms
Some more crazy looking birds
A hissing cockroach...I petted one of these at my birthday party at the Houston Zoo when I was little...EW
Outside the zoo entrance
I was a lititle disappointed there was no zebra, lion, elephant, etc like in Madagascar...and that the animals didn't try to break out and talk (I guess that would be kind of scary in real life!) but I really did enjoy the zoo!!

We walked around Central Park for a while after the zoo.

On top of this giant rock/hill

Another gorgeous view!

This could almost be a painting 
More pretty leaves
And some more!
After walking around the park we decided to head over to 5th Avenue. Since there was no line at FAO Schwarz we decided to go in! I don't think I've been in there since I was like 6 and David and I HAD TO HAVE Pete the Talking Parrot...So our moms bought them and carried them around NYC and on the train to CT only to find them for like half the price at home at walgreens...oops! 

I like the solider guys at the door...and the fact that there's no line to get in!
Such a fun store!
FAO Schweetz - YUM!
Check out those nerds!!
Twizzlers anyone??
My childhood heaven - SO many stuffed animals!!
Angry Birds section
Justin & a Star Wars Lego man!
Me & the Lego Statue of Liberty!

We continued on down 5th Avenue...
Tiffany & CO. 
Harry Winston 
Pretty window display
then we took the subway and headed over to Macy's. I love shopping at Macy's at home but I LOVE shopping at Macy's in NYC - especially when it's decorated for Christmas. This shop is an entire block long/wide and 9's heaven!!
Christmas tree on top of the Macy's entrance
We shopped in Macy's for a while and then dropped our bags off at our hotel and headed straight to Rockefeller Center for our NBC Studio Tour. Unfortunately you aren't allowed to take any pictures on the tour so I don't have any but it was a lot of fun! Since it was Sunday and nothing was filming there are more studios you can go in. We went to the Dr. Oz Studio, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Studio, & the Saturday Night Live Studio. We learned lots of cool facts about tv in general, as well as about these shows!

After our studio tour we went to the East Village to meet Emily, Ryan & Drew at Motorino for pizza. Oh my gosh was it delicious!! We were so stuffed but Emily said we had to try the best cannolis ever around the corner at Veniero's and she was right - they were AMAZING! After dinner/dessert Justin and I had to go back to Macy's because I had to exchange something I bought earlier that day. Then we went to American Eagle in Times Square and Justin got to go shopping :) By the time we were done here we were done with crowds, people, and walking so we went back to the hotel room and turned in for the night!