Friday, November 30, 2012

November Photo-a-Day Part II

Day 16: The View From Your Window
View from the car window on our way to College Station

Day 17: The Last Thing You Bought
Spike Fun Fetti milkshake (with Cake vodka) from Grub in College Station...YUM...and I'm not going to lie....this was my first purchase of the day at 11am - not my last :)

Day 18: Happened This Weekend
Watched the sky change beautiful colors while watching A&M BTHO SHSU!

Day 19: Something Awesome
The dogs have the whole cage/2 beds to lay in but instead they squeeze into one...I think they're trying to kill me with cuteness!

Day 20: Work/Play
I thought 2 screens was enough but apparently I need 2 computers/3 screens! Hanging out in the car on the way to Bastrop!

Day 21: What You Wore
Shorts during the day in Texas (80 degrees)...Winter coat at night in CT (35 degrees)

Day 22: Grateful

I am grateful to be able to spend Thanksgiving with my husband and my family in Connecticut

Day 23: Black
Black night sky in Times Square

Day 24: Sound You Heard
Heard lots of loud subway trains!

Day 25: Sky
Pretty pretty blue sky in NYC

Day 26: In The Cupboard
Our cup cupboard

Day 27: Tree
Our beautiful Christmas tree!

Day 28: Vehicle

The Rogue

Day 29: Big
Ok so these are just normal size cupcakes but aren't they cute??

Day 30: On The Wall
Frame in our bedroom that had engagement pics...but I replaced them with some of our x-mas pics :) They were very similar poses - just 3 years later!