Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Photo-a-Day Part II


Day 16: Something You Wrote
A check for a fundraiser for a co-workers daughter...Can't wait for my red velvet roll!

Day 17: Fruit
Mmm my daily strawberries & greek yogurt

Day 18: Made You Smile Today
Of course he makes me smile everyday but his arms crack me up in this picture

Day 19: Letters
Letters @ Hobby Lobby

Day 20: 4 O'Clock
Checked into our hotel in Fredericksburg

Day 21: Calm
Calming sunset

Day 22: In Your Town
Lake Pflugerville...yep Pville has its own lake! Be jealous!

Day 23: The View From Here
My pretty view at work ;)

Day 24: Weather
Cloudy in the am

Day 25: People
Ok so these aren't people but this Sangria trio was delish!!

Day 26: Listening To
Pitch Perfect Pandora station - UH-mazing!

Day 27: Morning
Rachel and I bundled up & ready for our mud run!

Day 28: Looking Back
One of my favorite pictures from the day we got engaged 3.5 years ago!

Day 29: Moon
The moon was so pretty!! (this picture doesn't really convey that...)

Day 30: Clothes
One of my old favorite staples for cooler weather:) Been wearing it everyday this week!

Day 31: Whatever You Please
My Halloween doggies! My dad's friends spooky yard & my voting sticker!