Monday, December 17, 2012

December Photo-a-Day Part I

Day 1: 8 O'Clock
Me and Hunter B watching the UT/Kansas game

Day 2: Peace
My mom and I got manis/pedis - most relaxing part of my day (minus when every part of my body is tense when they are tickling massaging my feet)

Day 3: Something You Held
I held my water cup a lot today!

Day 4: Black + White
Our empty pantry (waiting for pest control)

Day 5: Looking Up
My favorite thing to "look up to" at our house :)

Day 6: From Where You Live/Your Country
Christmas cards from where we live :)

Day 7: Stars
It was too cloudy to see the stars in the sky but the palm trees sure were pretty

Day 8: Someone You Love
Love the husband - and he's oh so fun at amusement parks!

Day 9: Out + About
Out & About in Harry Potter World @ Universal Studios!

Day 10: Under
Walking under these neat banners @ Animal Kingdom

Day 11: Sweet
How sweet and yummy (and adorable!!) do these candied apples look??

Day 12: Hat
They didn't have these cute hats on our honeymoon so we had to try them on this time :)

Day 13: Lights
The Osborne Christmas Spectacular of Dancing Lights @ Hollywood Studios! SO pretty

Day 14: Something Green
My green owl makeup bag from Thirty-One!

Day 15: Outdoors
Doing bubbles outside with Audrey!