Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Last Christmas...

I gave you my heart in our current house. Yep - that's right...we're moving!!! Justin and I are in the process of buying a new house...where you ask? Well it's actually down the street from our current house and across the street from my parents!! I know most of you probably think we're crazy but we love living so close to them! Hopefully we don't drive them crazy :) We have been talking for a year now about moving because eventually we will grow out of this house (no...I am NOT pregnant!) but we really didn't want to leave our neighborhood. When this house came on the market and we saw pictures we kind of instantly fell in love...but were hoping that when we saw it in person we didn't like it - well obviously that was not the case and it all happened very quickly...we had an accepted offer 4 days after first seeing it!!

This post is very bittersweet because I'm so happy to be moving into a bigger house and all of the projects we want to do...but I am sad to be leaving our first house - the house we bought before we were engaged, the house we lived in when we got Lexie, the house we lived in when we got married...this house has a lot of our firsts and really feels like our home. It does really help since we are only moving .25 miles away - It's finally sinking in that we're actually moving. Ugh we have to move - I hate moving!! I'm just banking on this time in 2 months it will all be over (hopefully)!!

We ended up not going all out for Christmas decorations this year because we weren't going to even be home for a full week at a time in December. We didn't do outside lights this year either - but actually it made decorating so much less stressful!

So here is our house decorated for our last Christmas here!

We eyed this Christmas tree skirt at Disney when we were on our honeymoon but I couldn't justify spending the money on it then. My parents ended up giving it to us for our anniversary this year so I was super excited!! I absolutely love the colors and how there are Mickey heads but it doesn't scream Disney.

Guest bathroom

Entry way - love the Aggie tree from LeeAnn! 
Can't take the Aggie out of Christmas :)

Christmas shelf & Hunters stocking
Some of our Christmas village from my grandpa
Our edition from our Disney trip!
Last years Christmas Card picture 
Merry Christmas!
Corner shelf with Lexie's stocking
Merry Christmas chalkboard sign!
The card holder from our wedding spruced up for Christmas
A little festivity in the kitchen

Love this guy!
There was also a present picture frame on this table with the dogs in it but I broke it cleaning last week:(
Christmas toy store! 
More of our New England Christmas Village