Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Showering Baby T with Love...Tutus or Ties?!

What a better way to ring in the first day of my 3rd trimester than a baby shower with friends & family?! Diana, Lauren, Rachel, & Kristin were so sweet to throw Baby T and me a baby shower in Houston (at Diana's beautiful house) a few weeks ago. The food was delicious, the games were fun, and the decorations were adorable! 

The theme of the shower was Ties or Tutus? with owls galore!
Ties or Tutus?!
Mom & Diana
Diaper cake & diaper owls! SO CUTE
Favors - Chocolate owl lollipops & hand sanitizers that said "Before you meet Katie's little cute, be sure to wash away your cooties!"

Yummy cake
Pigs in a blanket & buffalo rolls
White chocolate popcorn & cake balls

Such fun flowers!
Baby fruit carriage!

Games, Guests & Gifts

We played guess how big Katie's belly is and whoever got the closest won...I guess and was way off - oops!

Rachel was the official measur-er
Sandie won!
 The next game was too funny...Everyone had to put a paper plate on their head and draw a baby without looking. I was the judge and picked the best looking baby!

Robyn & her winning drawing!
Barbara & Kristen won - guess the top baby names of 2013!
Everyone wrote wishes for Baby T & guessed the delivery date, sex, weight, time & length...whoever is the closest will get a gift card! There were a whopping 13 guesses for girl and 6 for boy! My favorite wish was Audrey's..."I hope you aren't afraid of...lawnmowers" Now that's some solid advice!

Dana & me
LeeAnn...all the way from Australia!
Oh baby!
Cindy & my mom
Kristen & Carol
The Barde ladies!
Mom & her cousin Holly
Mom & me!
Lots of gifts for baby T!

Quilt my mom made baby T

Little peanut onesie - Rachel searched high and low for this - it's the baby's nickname :)
The shower was SO much fun and I feel so blessed that we have so many friends/family that already love baby T so much! I can't wait for everyone to meet him/her :)