Thursday, August 28, 2014

Baby T...Or Baby E? What's in a Name?!

Most of you who know me probably know I'm not exactly normal...and neither is Justin (we're a perfect fit right?!)! We are intense planners and research every move we make {sometimes maybe too much}.  So it probably comes as no surprise to you that we had a boy & girl baby name picked out long before we were pregnant. With the last name of Trojacek (and me growing up with the last name Siulinski) we knew we wanted a simple first name because the poor kid is going to have to deal with/constantly spell Trojacek for a looong time (forever if it's a boy)!

If it's a girl....

Emma was my great grandmothers name...and no, Kate isn't after me - we just like how they sound together!

If it's a boy...

There is no significance to either name other than we love both names! And we might be a little obsessed with Eli Young Band but that's just a fun coincidence!

And no - we didn't choose 2 "E" names on purpose - it was just a coincidence that both of the names we loved start with E!