Friday, August 15, 2014

Powder Room Refresh

We have a fairly large powder room in our house and it was kind of one of the last things on my house to-do list until recently. We have been slooowly making updates to the room but I was finally able to finish decorating this weekend! Woohoo! We started out by painting - then changed the mirror and light fixture and thought we were going to be done there. Well, the problem with the vanity that the previous buyers installed was the sink spout was so close to the sink it was really hard to wash your hands. This wouldn't have been that big of a deal but this is the bathroom next to the nursery and we knew there would be A LOT of hand-washing going on in there so we set out on a search for a new faucet. Once we realized what a new faucet (that we actually liked) was going to cost us we decided we would be better off just getting a new vanity since the one in there wasn't our style anyways.


Original wall color
We ended up going with a beachy theme for the bathroom which is so different from the rest of the house but I love it! And if you can believe it - the walls aren't grey!!