Friday, February 1, 2013

January Photo-a-Day Part II

Day 16: Two Things
Blue Baker for dinner then The Lion King - AMAZING!

Day 17: Ready
Ready to move!

Day 18: Shadow
Not exactly a shadow but I had such a hard time getting this pic because of the glare from the window! It's too cute not to share!

Day 19: Delicious
Yummy frozen Arbor Mist drink!

Day 20: Something You Saw
Pretty Sky

Day 21: What You Do
When you have no cable/internet?? Relax in bed with the husband & the dogs and watch The Love Boat!! Makes us want to go on a cruise :)

Day 22: Corner
Corner of the office where the dogs sleep while I work :)

Day 23: Electric
Our "electric" cabinet in the kitchen

Day 24: Stripes
Apparently I like blue striped shirts!

Day 25: Landscape
Loving the new landscaping in our backyard - can't wait to see what it looks like in spring and see what Justin adds :)

Day 26: Together

Justin and I had a whole day together of shopping for the new house and ended with a date night at Saltgrass...perfect!

Day 27: Sun
Pretty sun through the clouds

Day 28: Through
We are ready to be THROUGH with this faucet thing!

Day 29: Grow
Can't wait to see our trees grow & bloom this spring!

Day 30: Down
Winding down with some tea after a crazy/stressful day

Day 31: Yourself
Myself - the night before I'm officially a landlord :)