Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Color in Motion 5K!

This past weekend I went to Houston to visit Rachel & Lauren and run in the Color In Motion 5K. I got to Rachel's Friday evening and we went to Chuy's for dinner with her parents - YUM! When we got home we just talked until we went to bed because we were both pretty tired and knew we had to be up early.

The run was at Reliant Stadium - it was super well organized and SO fun!! A little bit different than our somewhat disastrous color run last year but I won't get into that haha. The weather was PERFECT!! For those of you that have never done a color run...DO IT...even if you aren't a runner. Every kilometer or so you go through a spot where they throw color (colored corn starch) on you. The color powder is totally safe and washes off after the race!

Definitely before - Look how clean we are!!
And after!!
Trying to take a picture but we kept falling on each other...don't ask
hahaha my face
So excited!
They had just thrown a ton of color and it created a haze
Rachel's awesome mustache
Our backs...Lauren is a liiitle too clean
Dirty shoes!
And of course we have to have jumping pictures!!

After we finished the race and hungout for a bit after we headed over to Freebirds for lunch. We knew we couldn't go somewhere too nice since we were still covered in color - but at Freebirds we fit right in! 

After lunch Lauren and I headed to her house in Rosenberg but stopped in Sugarland to get pedicures. Oh my goodness it was wonderful! We had to explain to the girls working there why we looked like we did and we got plenty of strange looks but we didn't care. Getting a pedicure after a race is a must, it was so relaxing! After our pedicures we went to Lauren's house and decided to head to Kroger to get food to make dinner - we decided to be lazy around the house rather than going out and I'm SO glad we did! We made a delicious Mexican Spinach Dip, Texas 2 Step Slaw, Burgers, and Fries...oh and Banana Cream Pie for dessert! (I saw we but it was mostly Lauren and her dad hehe). I finally got to see Magic Mike!! and we watched the dog show...I think I need to make an annual trip to Houston to watch this with Lauren's mom!! I headed out early Sunday morning so I could beat some of the traffic and get home in time to do our Sunday errands and go to my parent's friends SuperBowl Party.

It was a great weekend! I drove over 400 miles just going from home to Humble, to Reliant, to Rosenberg and back home. I google mapped it and I could have driven from Portland, Maine to Philadelphia in the same amount of miles and crossed 6 states. Instead I just went to Houston - but I guess that's what I get since it's the 4th largest city in the country!

Can't wait for my next girls trip!! 

p.s. All these pictures are courtesy of Miss Rachel :)