Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day! Justin & I don't go all out by any means for Valentine's Day but we do always do something special for each other and have ever since our 1st Valentine's Day when we started dating...oh 6 years ago! I came across this 14 days of Valentine's from the Six Sister's Stuff Blog and decided to use some of their ideas and came up with my own also! I happened to be out of town Feb 1-2 so I started our 14 days on the 3rd which worked out perfectly since we celebrated Valentine's on Saturday (the 15th) rather than Thursday. Week nights are just too crazy around here - especially with a new house!

You are one hot tamale! Luckily Justin loves this candy!
I'm nuts about you! (and I'm just kind of nuts!) Toasted coconut almonds...if you know Justin you know he is OBSESSED with coconut...hopefully these are a hit!

Thanks for sticking by my side! (Especially the last month & a half!) Justin is always asking to borrow my chapstick so I have a feeling he could use this!
You are sodamazing! Soda is a special treat for J these days - so drink up!
Life would be unbearable without you! Who doesn't love gummy bears?!
You have ofishally stolen my heart! Healthy snack today ;)
You are the apple of my eye! We have been talking about how we NEED this game - Game night anyone??

We were mint to be together! Yum!
I love you more than a monster loves scaring! A little pick me up for Monday
I'd be so mixed up without you! 
I wouldn't chews anyone but you! Jolly Rancher chews - one of J's favorite candies 
You make my heart bubble over! Some champagne for actual Valentine's night...sure!
You make my heart sing! An Amazon MP3 gift card to get some new tunes!
Honey, wash your hair, we have a date tonight!
Ok so a couple of things about this last first I felt lame giving him shampoo for his last gift but then I found this old school Herbal Essences shampoo
UM this stuff smells AMAZING! I remember looking this up recently online and I found a bottle on ebay for like 40 bucks...umm not going to spend $40 on shampoo - let alone OLD shampoo. But don't worry - I got this from Target...Herbal Essences realized their wrongs and made them right!

Anyways - onto the second part. This was not Justin's last Valentine's gift. His last gift was a Datevitation book!

Cute little Surprise box! 
His Date Coupon book!

Here's one of our date choices - Dinner at a restaurant we haven't tried. Let's find our new favorite spot!
A fun afternoon at the Doggy Park with Lexie & Hunter! Maybe the Austin Beagle Brigade??  I love this one because there's not too many dates we can go on with our sweet dogs!
So there's 11 dates - one for each month of the remaining year and we are going to do one a month! I'm super excited to have a devoted date night every month with something fun/new!! Even better, he got to pick our first date on the last day of his Valentine's surprises!