Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Photo-a-Day Part I


Day 1: Today
Watched the Rose Parade - LOVE this years theme - Oh The Places You'll Go!

Day 2: Something New
My new Mickey bag! Perfect computer bag!

Day 3: Heart
One of my many heart necklaces

Day 4: The View From Here
Watching A&M BTHO OU in the Cotton Bowl - Not a bad view if you ask me!

Day 5: Movement
Lots of movement in the kitchen today preparing for Ashley's shower! Here are the cupcakes I made :)

Day 6: Mine
A new jewelry box from Ashley...it's clearly MINE :) Love it!!

Day 7: Street
Our street on the way to work

Day 8: Something Beginning with a "T"
Lots of thunderstorms today! Much needed rain here in Pville!

Day 9: Paper
My new planner - haven't had one of these since college and man did I miss it! Plus it's pink chevron!

Day 10: One O'Clock
Back to work

Day 11: Water
Water in my new favorite cup!

Day 12: Surprise

Justin's Valentine's present came in the mail today!

Day 13: Circle

Followed a google+ circle all day to track Christine's birth progress!! What an exciting day!

Day 14: Something Yellow
Okay there's nothing yellow in this pic but how could I not share the day we met Tenley & Caden??

Day 15: An Ordinary Moment

Cuddling with Hunter before work - a normal occurrence :)