Thursday, January 3, 2013

December Photo-a-Day Part II

Day 16: Something You Made
Our Honeymoon Album!

Day 17: On the Floor
Nothin! The joys of having your house on the market

Day 18: Makes You Feel Merry
Putting our house on the market!!

Day 19: Something Beginning with "S"
One of our Scentsys!

Day 20: Weather
It was COLD (hence Hunter in his PJs) and WINDY (hence the plant blown off the patio)

Day 21: Tree
Our beautiful Christmas tree!

Day 22: Decorations
Justin's parents super pretty (& real) tree

Day 23: Joy is being in the country at Christmastime
Had such a relaxing weekend with family!

Day 24: Tradition/Something You Always Do
Watch Christmas Vacation!

Day 25: Lunchtime
Brrr...cold in Pville on Christmas!

Day 26: Mess
Normally my Christmas presents would be a mess but they have to be confined since we have to keep the house neat!

Day 27: How You Relax
After a long day in Vegas - laying in bed (clean) and watching tv is SO relaxing!

Day 28: Cold
Our cold & yummy desserts from Serendipity!

Day 29: Hot
Thunder From Down Under...Need I say more??

Day 30: Something That Made You Smile This Year
Going through the process of finding a new house with Justin :)

Day 31: Self-Portrait
Happy New Years Eve!