Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ashley's Baby Shower

Remember back in November when I shared Christine's Baby Shower? Well now it was Christine and my turn to throw Ashley's baby shower! Yep, I live between two preggo ladies :) Again, before we knew the gender of Ashley's baby, Christine and I were in full planning mode and decided on a Hawaiian theme since Ashley & Cory love Hawaii!

The Decorations

The Games
We decorated Take-N-Toss cups!
We guessed Colton's arrival date
We wrote notes to Colton in some baby books

We wrote wishes to Colton on surfboards!

We played a game where you had to come up with words using only letters in the baby's name - turns out this was pretty hard!
Finish the Nursery Rhyme - also harder than it looks!
We also played a memory game with lots of baby products - it was hard but fun and played guess how big Ashley's belly is with ribbon - her sister-in-law Ashley won and was crazy close! 

The Food
We went with a Hawaiian theme for the food too!
Vanilla Cupcakes
Oh so yummy fruit skewers...thanks pinterest!
Shockingly good fruit for January!
BBQ Chips
Veggies & Ranch
The spread

BBQ Chicken Sliders with Hawaiian rolls
We had citrus water & virgin margaritas!
We ended the shower with Ashley opening her gifts! I love seeing all the cute little baby things!
Awesome diaper cake Ara made!

Ashley's mom made this quilt with fabric Ashley got in Hawaii!

Christine, Ashley & I
Pregnant mommas!

I must say I think Ashley's shower was a success! Lot's of food was eaten, fun was had, and she received lots of great gifts for baby Colton! Again, I'm so lucky to have these two as friends and soon to be down the street neighbors! Can't wait till Colton is here!!