Friday, May 11, 2012

Cousins - Austin Chapter

Two weeks ago 3 of my 5 cousins came to Austin to visit from Portland, Maine and Baltimore, MD. They all arrived on Saturday and Aaron and Jack left Wednesday, and Alyssa left Saturday. We had a great time and crammed a lot into their short time here and I think they got a pretty good taste of Austin! I feel really lucky to live in a place that has SO many fun things to do...I think I tend to take it for granted a lot but hello...we live in Austin, TX - I think we're pretty darn lucky!!

Here are some of the fun things we did! I don't have pictures of everything because unfortunately I had to work all week but I did get to do a lot of it :)

Uncle Billy's Brew & BBQ on Barton Springs
Food trailers: Hey Cupcake and ice cream
6th Street on Saturday night
Played Frisbee golf with my dad
Austin Zoo
The Oasis
Whole Foods downtown
Kerbey Lane Cafe - the original
Austin Capitol
Segway Tour - Ghost & bat tour
Bananarchy food trailer
San Antonio
San Marcos Outlet Mall
Yummy Mexican dinner at Rio Grande
Round Rock Donuts
Round Rock Express Game

Enjoying our prime outside/people watching table at Uncle Billy's
Alyssa & I at dinner
Justin & my cupcake from Hey Cupcake - SO good!
Walking over the Congress Ave bridge to 6th Street
View from upstairs at The Library
Justin and I clearly at the END of the night!
Jack & Alyssa enjoying their pre-segway drinks at Kerbey Lane
Aaron & Jack

Kerbey Lane yummm
Perfect day at the Capitol!
Such a pretty building
Rotunda inside the Capitol
Fancy door hinge
Aaron & Jack - segway pros already

hahaha Alyssa is ready to go
Justin doesn't appear to want his picture taken
"We're segwaying the shit out of Austin!!"
Another view of the Capitol
Pretty sky
Pretty sunset waiting for the bats

Me & Alyssa
The W Hotel
The Capitol at night - so cool!
Bananarchy - AMAZING!!
Frozen bananas - hehe

My chocolate dipped with sprinkles banana - I DIE!
Justin, Alyssa & Jack

Jack, the most interesting man in the world & Aaron @ Rio Grande
Can't beat free tickets on the berm!
Alyssa with the ball she caught - that almost KILLED joke!

A night @ the ballpark!
What a great time we had...and hope they come visit us again! Justin and I really would like to take a trip to Portland and Baltimore to experience their cities with them! Cousin trip next year? I hope so!