Thursday, May 31, 2012

Alaska: Anchorage

We just got back from our trip to Alaska and it was WONDERFUL!! I took tons of pictures and it is going to take me a long time to go through all of them so I figured it would be easier if I blog as I go.

May 18-21 Anchorage
May 21 Board Cruise in Whittier
May 22 Cruise Yakutat Bay | Hubbard Glacier
May 23 Cruise Glacier Bay
May 24 Skagway
May 25 Juneau
May 26 Ketchikan
May 27 Cruise Inside Passage
May 28-29 Vancouver

Anchorage, Alaska

We arrived in Anchorage around 12:30am Saturday morning. After a little mix-up/issue we finally made it to our a hotel. We got some sleep and then picked up our rental car and met up with Mark & Diana. In search of a late breakfast/early lunch we stumbled upon the Anchorage Market & Festival - a ton of food/shopping vendors. We grabbed a bite to eat and then did some shopping. Afterwards, we walked over and went to see 2 videos on Alaska - one about Alaska & the Northern Lights and the other was called "The Earthquake Experience." The earthquake experience was about the Good Friday earthquake in Anchorage in 1964. It was really interesting and in the middle - the room actually simulates a 4.5 earthquake (the '64 quake was 9.2). It was crazy and I can't imagine experiencing one double what we felt! After the movies we were going to head over to the Alaska Zoo but the weather was iffy so we decided to head over to a local grocery store to pick up some snacks & booze for the cruise. We ended the day with dinner at Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse. They were running really behind with food but we enjoyed each other's company in the meantime. Keith & Allison even met up with us after they arrived. Great end to a great first day!

Anchorage Market & Festival
Pretty backdrop of mountains
Alaskan Railroad Depot
We went to the Anchorage Market & Festival with lots of food/shopping vendors
Lots of yummy food choices and places to eat
Justin waiting for his lunch
Me waiting for my lunch
This was a pretty popular gathering place for locals & tourists

Tons of fresh fruit
Dad and his new orange hat
Dinner @ Humpy's

Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse!
Dad & Justin @ Humpy's
Mom & Diana @ Humpy's
Me & my Glacier Brewhouse Rootbeer

Walrus Ooisk - google it ;)
On Sunday, after breakfast we hopped in the car and drove to Girdwood to visit the Hotel Alyeska. The Alyeska ski resort is located on the biggest ski mountain in the state of Alaska. Even though the weather wasn't the best - it was beautiful and we enjoyed watching the skiiers/snowboarders at the top of the mountain. After getting our fill of snow for the day, we headed over to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. They had lots of animals - and luckily you are able to drive around the center because it was COLD and rainy. We saw lots of animals - including some babies. After seeing our fill of animals (moose, buffalo, eagles, elk, owls, bears) we headed back to Anchorage and took a little nap before heading to Glacier BrewHouse for dinner (YUM!). 

Hotel Alyeska - Girdwood, AK

Neat old tree

Top of the tram
Justin in the snow!!
Me in the snow
Lots of Ski equipment
So colorful - I love it
The 2 Skiiers planning out their route
Ski lift
2 little kids ready to hit the slopes
Hotel Alyeska
The gang
Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center

Baby buffalo - so cute!
Biig buffalo
Bald Eagle
On Monday we got up and went straight to the Alaska Railroad Depot to pick up the train to Whittier. We finally got a beautiful day in Anchorage - when we had to leave! But I'm not complaining because we had beautiful scenery the entire way. It was almost hard to believe it was real because it was soo pretty. I got some pretty good pictures (considering there was a glass window in between) and enjoyed the ride. When we got to Whittier we got right on the boat - ready to cruise!

Alaska Railroad from Anchorage to Whittier

Dad & the totem haha
Like father like daughter
This one needs to be framed!!
Alaska Railroad!
On our way to Whittier
Us on the train
Soo pretty
We've finally arrived at the Coral Princess!
Next post...Whittier & Yakutat Bay!