Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Photo-a-Day: Part II


Day 17: Snack
Green Apple

Day 18: Something You Made
Made my tea SUPER lemony at Pluckers

Day 19: A Favorite Place
Anchorage, Alaska - I definitely wouldn't mind going back here

Day 20: Something You Can't Live Without
This guy ;)

Day 21: Where You Stand
 Been standing a lot on this lovely balcony :) 

Day 22: Pink
My pink hair tie from this months BirchBox

Day 23: Technology
Angry Birds Space on the iPad

Day 24: Something New
My Sunscapes pendants...they change color in the sun!!

Day 25: Unusual
Wine bottle stopper we bought my mom in Juneau - in the BEST little store...Trove...I'm in love!

Day 26: 12 o'clock
Ziplining in Ketchikan - I didn't have my phone with me at noon because we were ziplining through the rain I took a pic of a pic

Day 27: Something Sweet
Delicious looking dessert bar on the cruise!

Day 28: The Weather Today
Cloudy, Rainy & Cool in Vancouver...yes that's a gas station in the middle of the water! Where the float planes fill up

Day 29: A Number
Numbers on my new watch :)

Day 30: Your Personality
Bubbly :)

Day 31: Something Beautiful
Emerald Lake - Yukon Territory...I couldn't resist posting this pic!