Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May Photo-a-Day: Part I


Day 1: Peace
My shirt today felt very hippy-ish :)

Day 2: Skyline
The view of the skyline from my building at work

Day 3: Something You Were
My workout clothes...also my baseball game clothes :)

Day 4: Fun
First song on the radio on my way to work...LOVE Fun.!

Day 5: Bird
Checking out kindle cases on Etsy - how cute is this??

Day 6: You
Me & Hunterbear before work!

Day 7: Someone that Inspires you
My wonderful parents!

Day 8: A Smell You Adore
My Cantabelle perfume from the perfumery in Grasse, France...every time I wear it reminds me of the French Riviera

Day 9: Something you do everyday
Got a Kindle last week and am hoping to now read everyday!

Day 10 : A Favorite Word
Vacation...need I say more??

Day 11: Kitchen
Our kitchen

 Day 12: Something That Makes You Happy
Little Miss Audrey makes me happy - look at that precious face!

Day 13: Mom
Me and my mommy at one of my bridal showers

 Day 14: Grass
Some of our CRAZY weeds growing in the backyard 

Day 15: Love
Blue Baker in Austin = LOVE

Day 16: What You're Reading
Getting ready to start Fifty Shades of Grey - wish me luck!