Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012: New England

We took a little trip over Easter weekend...Justin and I flew into Boston on Thursday and met my parents at the airport. We took the T into the city and walked over to our hotel, The Millennium Bostonian right across from Quincy Market. 

Started out with eating my special Italian Sandwich brought just for me from Maine!!
Our corner hotel room with pretty views!
Such a perfect day in Boston
Quincy Market
Justin with his Dunkin' Donuts...finally at like 1pm!
Walking around Quincy Market
We decided to go to the Aquarium since Boston has one of the best and it was only about a quarter mile from our hotel. We spent a lot of time watching the penguins - it was feeding time and they are just so darn cute!! We also saw sea lions, lobsters (of course!), an anaconda (gross!), a massive turtle and massive sting ray, among many other sea creatures.

So many little penguins!
What a cute little guy :)
Murtle the Turtle...weighs 600lbs and is 70 something years old...crazy!
Crazy sea creatures
After the aquarium and some shopping in Quincy Market we walked over to the North End and had dinner at an AMAZING Italian restaurant: Al Dente. We stumbled upon it when we were in Boston 2 years ago and when I looked it up (from the picture I took last time) I found out it's ranked #2 Italian restaurant in the North End...not bad!

Pretty trees outside the Hard Rock Cafe
Inside Quincy Market - some late night snacks
Love the historical architecture
Late night shopping :)
Finished the night off with a DELISH Sangria at Hard Rock!! I've been craving one since SA
When we woke up Friday morning Justin and I decided to find a McDonalds to grab some breakfast. We asked Siri (along with mapquest and google) where the closest one was and it was only around the corner from the hotel...perfect! or so we thought. We walked around in the COLD (like 30 degrees) for about 20 minutes until we figured out the McDonalds had closed and we were in the spot where it USED to be. So we went over to Quincy Market and found a yummy Mexican place for breakfast.

Little alley way near our hotel
Inside Quincy Market again
View outside our window!

The real reason for our trip this weekend was to attend my grandfather's memorial service. He passed away in November but there was no way we could all scramble to get up there before Christmas to bury him. He didn't want a funeral or anything like that so my mom and uncle decided the best way to honor him would be to have a simple service at the cemetery and then have the family over to his house afterwards on Easter weekend. Yesterday, Easter Sunday, would have been his 95th birthday. His birthday only fell three times on Easter (this being the third).

Rest in Peace Gee
Absolutely perfect day
My Grandpa's house
Phoebe was pooped after all of the commotion
Masonic coin we found in his coin collection
We stayed at my mom's cousin Keith's house. He lives in a little further out of town in the woods - so pretty!

Old tractor
Trees and Clouds
Big Kitty...he owns the house obvi
He's a good poser
Morning through the skylight
What a view to wake up to
My Mom's cousin Lisa's precious puppy!!
Looks like winter!
**I took all of these pictures with my iphone...either camera or instagram. I honestly never understood why people would take pictures with their cell phone - especially because I have 2 cameras that I love...but for this trip it was definitely easier to just snap pics with my phone and I must say I am not disappointed with the results**