Monday, April 16, 2012

April Photo-a-Day Part 1

It's that time for April photo-a-day part 1, meaning April is half over...crazyness! My goal for this month was to have a picture for everyday - even if it wasn't taken on that day - so far so good...I've only had 1 day I've had to catch up on, even with being sick! (wow that last sentence was horrible grammar...oh well)

#photoadayapril part 1

Day 1: your reflection
My new FAVORITE sleep/house shorts...I want to wear them everywhere, they are so comfy

Day 2: Color
Some pretty fake flowers at my parents house

Day 3: Mail
Our mail (minus the junk mail) 

Day 4: Someone Who Makes You Happy
My sweet husband of course

Day 5: Lunch
We stopped in Massachusetts for lunch and had sandwiches from D'Angelos...had some Jax to go along with them...SO much better than cheetos!

Day 6: Tiny
These mini chewy SweeTarts were tiny! One of our airplane snacks

Day 7: Shadow
A bunch of shadows on my grandpa's porch

Day 8: Inside Your Wallet
Inside my travel wallet...just waiting at DFW for what seemed like forever 

Day 9: Younger You
Rachel and I in December '04 on a visit to A&M...I was 17...I don't look much diff haha

Day 10: Cold
It was definitely not cold here (especially because I was in bed with a fever) but I checked on the weather in Anchorage (where we will be in 34 days) and it's pretty cold!

Day 11: Where You Ate Breakfast
I ate breakfast in bed (toast) because I still didn't feel good (and hadn't eaten anything in 24 hrs)...normally I eat breakfast all over the house (carry my protein shake with me!)

Day 12: Stairs
Going down the stairs at work

Day 13: Something You Found
I found the Macy's bag I bought in November! It's a great travel bag :)

Day 14: How You Feel Today
Excited because I get to spend time with 2 friends that live far...LeeAnn & Lauren!!

Day 15: Sunset
Beautiful sunset after an iffy/stormy day! Perfect end to a great day!